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What Pine Wants For Star Trek III

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In a recent interview, Chris Pine, who is currently promoting Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, spoke briefly about the next Star Trek movie.

“If you were to sit down with the writers of Star Trek III and request any scene or moment for Kirk,” he was asked, “what would that be?”

“Well, for anybody who’s seen the second one,” said Pine, “given the fact that Kirk’s been revived by Khan’s blood, I think there’s definitely room for Kirk to go dark, which we’ve obviously seen in the original series, and that would be fun, I think.”

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60 thoughts on “What Pine Wants For Star Trek III

  1. Go Dark, hmmm..Okay. Turns out Kirk was an undercover Augmented Klingon Agent all along! Think like a bad ass Darvin from the prime episode “Trouble with Tribbles” (Just kidding). Sorry Pine, we done Darkness, that is why it was in the title — time to move on!

  2. Could do a twist on the mirror verse,that khan blood is messing with him and he’s trying to hide the problem. Then transporter accident happens he and his counterpart switch and he realizes what he could become if he gives in his darker side so he strives to better. Would love to see Karl Urban play a darker Bones though…heck I would to see the whole cast play their darker counterparts. Like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde a la Star Trek.

  3. Now we know why they’ve failed to find a new director – the reboot team is obviously clueless.
    This is the direction the series seems to be going: Star Trek –> Star Trek Into Darkness –> Star Trek In The Dark.

  4. For the third one, I’d like to see Kirk and Spock killed and replaced by their own evil robot duplicates from the future. While Evil Robot Kirk and Spock work on wrecking the pair’s Starfleet careers, Good Dead Kirk and Spock win four out of seven games of fizzbin with the Grim Reaper in order to win the right to return to life and hook up with a couple of midgets from the Gamma Hydra sector to plan an all-out assault on Evil Robot Kirk and Spock. The movie climaxes with Uhura unzipping her uniform to reveal a concealed vial of Red Matter that sucks the entire universe inside-out and reveals the evil vengeance-seeking villain du jour to be a frustrated gym teacher from the 27th Century who wanted to reshape and subvert the Star Trek universe we’d known for half a century by destroying the reputations of its architects. Bob, if my check hasn’t shown up before the movie is released I’ll sue your ass.

  5. For the next film I’d like to see the Romulans clone Kirk and his clone needs Kirk’s blood to survive. To accomplish this, he builds a massive ship with a perfect cloak, attempts to kill Kirk, and then vows to destroy the Federation…

  6. I’m sure Pine will get something juicy to play, as will Quinto…..I am mostly concerned wiht Karl Urban getting something of substance and maybe a little character development beyond ‘everyone in danger, Bones is EXTRA CRANKY AND USES EVEN MORE ONE-LINERS’.

  7. Indeed. As a kid I looked up to the Enterprise crew because they were mature adults who did their jobs as professionals. As I’ve aged past the TOS characters, their qualities still capture my attention. Abramsverse “Kirk” and gang, on the other hand, are the frat-house douchebags I always tried to avoid.

  8. He already has, just not by your definition of what ‘grown up’ means. Give it a rest on the hate for this version of Star Trek, you’ve spewed enough of it already.

  9. So Uhura is a douche for being in love with Spock? Pine’s Kirk is being a DB for being young and brash like Shatner’s version was? Obviously, you’ve not seen the movie, or your wouldn’t be spewing the bullshit you do.

  10. But he is Kirk to may people, including a lot of younger viewers, and you’re being the douche and also being an obdurate old fart with a touch of ‘Get off of my lawn you kids!’ Is that they way you’re going to act to anything done with Star Trek, or will YOU try to be the mature adult that you and Kang claim Pine’s Kirk isn’t?

  11. He is playing an inferior alternate universe version of Kirk. But he’s not Kirk. Pointing that out has nothing to do with what you’re suggesting. It’s a simple matter of observation and taking some facts into account.

  12. Uhura is a douche for finagling her assignment to the Enterprise by sleeping with the ship’s first officer, and then bitching at her boyfriend about their relationship issues right in the middle of crucial missions. Pine’s Kirk is a douche for endangering his ship, his crew, and the success of his mission for absolutely no reason at all, something Shatner’s Kirk would never have done (and Starfleet agreed, since they took the Enterprise away from FratBoy as soon as he got back). And you, my friend, are a douche for always reacting with such hilarious anger to any criticism of Apple Store Trek.

  13. Says you, and just you. Millions of ticket buyers and fans say and believe differently, as do many critics. I think that people like you want to deny reality and live in fantasy, but it isn’t working, and you’re losing the culture war.

  14. I’m not as half as much a douche as you and all of the other assholes here constantly blasting a movie just because it has versions of beloved characters more relatable than the originals (and the casts of the Berman/Roddenberry era Star Trek. Why don’t you all get over what’s happened and move on?

  15. “More relatable than the originals.” LULZ. But hey, if you want to tell us that you relate better to the emo douchebag versions of classic characters than the adult originals who made Trek a hit with the rest of us, please go right ahead. I won’t argue with you.

  16. I’m up for lightness or darkness, so long as it doesn’t reference ST:ID. That way we can pretend it never came out.

  17. Chris Pine is an incredibly good actor. I have watched several of his movies and can see he puts a lot of work and passion into them. Also William Shatner has spoken very highly of Pine in his The Captains and Captains Close Up documentaries.He interviews all of the Star Trek captains and the documentaries are very interesting. Shatner is a very engaging interviewer and he was impressed with Pine’s performance in the movie Unstoppable.. Captain Kirk in the original series did show a dark side from time to time. One such episode was “The Enemy Within.” when due to a transporter accident, Kirk becomes 2 people; one docile and indecisive while the other evil and violent. Also Kirk sometimes expressed very dark thoughts such as in Undiscovered Country when Spock says to Kirk, “The Klingons are dying.” And how does Kirk respond? “Let them die.” Kirk could not forgive the Klingons for killing his son (which happened in the Search for Spock movie). He also could not trust them. In both of those stories, Kirk needed to overcome and break away from the personal darkness that held him. It is not too much of a stretch to think that the new Kirk may endure something traumatic in which a darker side of him comes out. Then, like the other Kirk, he would have to somehow overcome it. I also always look forward to seeing that sense of hope for the future being restored and that keeps bring me back to Star Trek.

  18. “… it has versions of beloved characters more relatable than the originals”

    Well, I guess… if you want to relate to a-holes and ridiculous stereotypes.
    I still think Galaxy Quest is a better parody than Abrams Trek. At least it’s funny.

  19. Millions of ticket buyers also contributed to the financial success of other bad movies, but that doesn’t necessarily make those movies great or even good. The fact remains that that is only an alternate universe, an inferior one I might add, with characters who are NOT really the characters we know. They are more like caricatures. And I’d say it’s rather you who’s a victim of an illusion, mistaking those caricatures for the original characters.

  20. I don’t have to; the general public (who’s more numerous than most Trekkers) and many of the critics agree.You and everybody else here that comments on these movies are in a (shrinking and getting smaller) minority, and are just pissed off because they’re more popular that the Star Trek that you were used to, but that was dying in esteem in the minds of the public and many other Trekfans than and besides you

  21. Galaxy Quest Is just that; a parody. Nothing more, and nothing less. That you and all of the other commenters here on this page can’t deal with the new movies shows what you are to the general public and other fans not like you and also shows the general public the same stereotype that they think Trekfans are like. Can you guess what that is?

  22. As I’ve said before, the public and the critics have agreed. You and the other whiny babies here didn’t, tough shit-time to move on.

  23. Get a life, asshole; do these thirty-somethings look like anybody from 90210 to you? Did you think that Paramount was going to cast older people in order to revitalize a dying franchise? And just who was better than Pine & Co. to play Kirk & Co.? Please let the rest of us know, and be realistic.

  24. Uh oh, the post cut off in mid-spittle. I assume there was supposed to be more of this. Are you okay? Did something short-circuit in mid-post? Did you finally just throw the keyboard across the room with a scream of “OH FUCK IT”? Anger ain’t healthy, kid….

  25. Mmm-hm, that’s why STD sold so many fewer tickets than the first one did, because the public is just crazy in love with Bad Robot bowel movements. That’s why Paramount is going to slash the budget for the third one as much as they can in order to avoid taking another bath (history repeats itself!).

    Sorry kid, but the “tell” came when the director went as far as to blame the quality of the tie-in video game for the lower box office of the movie. It’s a pretty open secret by now that one underperforming sequel in five years is not what Paramount had in mind for the course of this franchise when they rebooted it. Chris Pine has Jack Ryan movies to do; Saldana is gearing up for two or three dozen more Avatar movies; Urban has plenty of stuff to do; Abrams has moved on to the job he really wanted and won’t touch Trek again with a ten-foot pole. I guarantee you that by the time the final nuTrek flick is dumped onto screens, it’s going to be muttered by more than a few of the critics that this “Trek” thing looks an awful lot like a rip-off of the new “Star Wars” movies that will have begun to flood the market by then — which of course it is, in the form in which JJ “reimagined” it. Given a choice between the real thing in Episodes VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, etc. and Paramount’s pale copy that is so 2009, guess what audiences are going to be more likely to gravitate towards.

    Of course, after that we’ll still have the 28 seasons and ten movies of real Trek to chew on; sadly, you’ve said you don’t find those “relatable” so I guess you’ll be the one who’ll need to find a way to move on at that point. When you get tired of the three movies of red-matter-infused Tribbles spewing magic superman-blood all over bitch-queen communications officers, I recommend you give real Star Trek a look. It’s really something special.

  26. I know Pine is a good actor. I know he can play a good Kirk, and I’ve seen him do it– in 2009. He had some good moments in this last one but overall, his Kirk went through the same character progression as in the first film.
    The writers have him on a treadmill. It’s a disservice to Pine and a disservice to Star Trek. As we saw in the last film, it doesn’t mean much to see Kirk go dark if
    we don’t first see him be a responsible, capable leader who cares
    deeply about his ship and his crew and his duty. Perhaps now, after a film full of sound and lens flares signifying nothing, we can finally get a Kirk who will actually be a captain instead of a collegiate douchebag with a starship having to learn some adult responsibility yet again.

  27. When we first saw Kirk in Star Trek 2009, he was an irresponsible, rule-breaking, cocksure punk who had yet to learn responsibility, discipline, teamwork, or consequences of his actions. By the end of the film, he had learned to work with people that he may not like yet but had come to respect, earned some respectability himself, worked through a personal crisis involving revenge on the villain that killed his father and threatened the Federation, and had matured enough to be ready for that center seat.

    When we first saw Kirk in STiD, he was (again) an irresponsible, rule-breaking, cocksure punk who had yet to learn responsibility, discipline, teamwork, or consequences of his actions. By the end of the film he had (again) learned to work with people that he may not like but had come to respect, earned some respectability himself, worked through a personal crisis involving revenge on the villain that killed his father-figure and threatened the Federation, and had matured enough to be ready for that center seat.

    Chris Pine deserves better than to be playing a hamster on the coming-of-age treadmill.

    This is why I say, as I have always said, that Star Trek 2009 was a good film and good Star Trek, and that Star Trek Into Creative Bankruptcy is neither.

  28. I’m starting to feel tired of New Trek. They should make another TV show that’s set back in TNG era. It’s been long enough now that they could revive it and put some fresh new stories in. Wishful thinking, I know, but that’s what I would like to see with future trek TV. *sigh*

  29. He isn’t coming of any age, he is of age, and he’s what he’s supposed to be and where he’s supposed to be. So he has to learn lessons again? We all do in life. And Pine loves the role of Captain Kirk and believes in him. What’s eating you is that Abrams, Orci, and Kurtzman made a more realistic version of Kirk than had been seen before, is more popular with film goers and critics, and you can’t stand that, so you act like a baby that needs its bottle and its diaper changed just because this new incarnation of Star Trek doesn’t follow a nebulous vision that never was anything but the overinflated ego of its creator that was overfed by fans wanting to believe in a substitute religion, but then found it in a ’60s TV show and then pushed the love of said show way, way beyond what it was supposed to be..

    I think that Star Trek will go on and on with the new blood injected into it, and even if the next movie flops, it will have provided entertainment and preserved classic characters for a new generation.

  30. The writers have him on a treadmill.

    By that token, you should be against the treadmills Captains Picard, Janeway, and Archer were on in the last three Star Trek series.

  31. The movie grossed millions of dollars:

    *STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS joined the $200+M club this weekend–the 4th film of 2013 to reach that mark domestically. (https://twitter.com/ERCboxoffice)

    *STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS: $176.4M Overseas Total / $376.5M Global Total. #StarTrekIntoDarkness (https://twitter.com/BoxOffice)

    Final gross: $467,365,246 worldwide (out of a budget of $190 million.)

    Now, what was that about failure again?

  32. News item: Fans of Movie About a Bubble Universe Choose to Exist in a Bubble Reality.

  33. Well, I’m not one of those sheep who will automatically agree that something is good just because some critics (by the way, there is negative criticism, too, at least when it comes to STupID) say it is or because the “ticket buyers” contributed to its box office success (by the way, there are many other examples of empty, crappy movies which earned quite a lot of money). You may be hypnotized by lens flares, but some of us are not.

  34. That statement was not clever or relevant 4 years ago and it isn’t now. You’re losing this battle kid, Star Trek has moved on without you.

  35. Star Trek was never really dying. That’s a myth spread by Abrams apologists and haters of everything Berman-Braga. How can such an iconic franchise worth billions of dollars and with an existence of 40+ years in the collective consciousness ever die? Not possible.

  36. Pine’s Kirk is rather an unlikable douchebag. I’d rather see him become a serious officer rather then dark. I mean, there’s no competence in the character at all, and he’s just become captain because of favouritism. And he certainly doesn’t represent an utopian human.

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