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May IDW Publishing Trek Comics

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Several Star Trek comics will debut this May, courtesy of IDW Publishing.

The comics include Star Trek #33, Star Trek Khan (graphic novel), and Star Trek: New Visions #1: The Mirror Cracked.

In Star Trek #33, set after the events of Star Trek into Darkness, “Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise encounter a deadly new alien species unlike anything the Federation has met before.”

Overseen by Roberto Orci, and written by Mike Johnson, Star Trek #33 features art and cover by Joe Corroney. The thirty-two page issue will sell for $3.99. There will be a variant photo cover of Kirk.

The five-part Star Trek: Khan saga will be gathered together as a one-hundred-and-twenty-four page graphic novel. Written by Mike Johnson, with art by Claudia Balboni and cover by Paul Shipper; Star Trek: Khan “chronicles the shocking origin of Khan Noonien Singh from his earliest years through his rise to power during the epic Eugenics Wars. The tale examines the events that led to his escape from Earth aboard the Botany Bay and reveals the truth behind his re-awakening by Admiral Marcus and Section 31.”

Star Trek: Khan will cost $19.99.

The last May IDW Publishing Trek comic will be Star Trek: New Visions #1: The Mirror Cracked. In this new photonovel story set in the Mirror Universe, the story of what happened after the original series Mirror, Mirror episode is told. In The Mirror Cracked, the crew discovers two strangers in their midst and quickly learns that one has made a pact with one of James Kirk’s oldest foes.”

Written by and with art and photos by John Byrne, Star Trek: New Visions #1: The Mirror Cracked will be forty-eight pages long and cost $7.99.

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10 thoughts on “May IDW Publishing Trek Comics

  1. Another clear sign of Star Trek canon and continuity being screwed up. We already learned about what happened in the mirror universe with the novel The Sorrows Of Empire. Why write a photonovel that will contradict events that have already been explained.

    Paramount and Pocket Books really have their collective heads up their asses. A condition that also plagues farragut Films and their business partners.

  2. I learned awhile back that these comics have not a thing to do with canon and continuity in Star Trek, and everything to do with stupid and stupidity. I let it go some time ago.

  3. The ONLY Star Trek novel that would ever be considered as canon was James Gunn’s novelization of the late Theodore Sturgeon’s The Joy Machine. An episode that Sturgeon had originally submitted into the original series production, but was turned down. As to why it was turned down, I do not know.

  4. Now you have me curious, was that the only script for any of the shows that was turned down and turned into a comic?

  5. Gods’ tits but that looked stupid.
    What little I’ve seen of the Khan comic seems to be a good attempt at reconciling Star Trek Into Whiter Than White with established canon. I have to wonder, does Bob Orci ever read the good comics to see how things can be done? Or, for that matter, read?

  6. Off-subject of course, but I’m really looking forward to James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

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