June 18 2024


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New Trek Strategy RPG Game

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Star Trek Timelines, a new Trek RPG game, has been announced by Disruptor Beam.

Disruptor Beam CEO Jon Radoff announced that the game, which will be available for iOS, Android, and web browsers, won’t be the typical “shoot ’em up” game.

In Star Trek Timelines, “you’ll team up with your friends to explore the galaxy, resolve diplomatic conflicts, become embroiled in war, discover new civilizations, and research scientific breakthroughs,” said Radoff.

“It isn’t a first-person shooter or a MMORPG-oriented environment where the action is about running around and blasting everyone with your phasers. There are already Star Trek games that feature first-person action—and we also feel that a combat-oriented game wouldn’t really capture the vision of Star Trek. Instead, we’re going to focus on giving you beautiful vistas of outer space, artistic renderings of your favorite characters, and a conflict mechanic where science and diplomacy are just as important as your ability to fire photon torpedoes. This means that some aspects of the game will be more ‘abstract’ than you’d experience in a first-person perspective game – but we think it’s the right way to create the right experience for Star Trek.

“Some aspects of this game will be familiar to people who have played Game of Thrones Ascent: dialog-driven storytelling, character development and a deep crafting system are all part of our vision for Star Trek Timelines. However, we want Star Trek Timelines to feature a more immersive exploration system (such as the ability to take your starship from place to place, and see what these unique areas look like) and a more detailed tactical system where you make decisions in the course of conflict resolution.”

Expect to see “temporal anomalies, mirror universes, and time travel” as part of Star Trek Timelines, said Radoff. “…What if Spock and Jean-Luc Picard got to serve on the same ship? What would it be like to have members of the mirror universe’s Terran Empire on your crew? This game will allow you to join forces with your favorite characters from across the many eras and universes from Star Trek lore—and then make decisions that impact the future of civilizations, star systems and the galaxy itself.”

Those interested in the development of the game are encouraged to head over to the Star Trek Timelines forum, located here, where more details of the game will be provided. Alpha and beta testers will be drawn from the forum, so it’s the place to be to get in on the testing phase of the game when it occurs.

Disruptor Beam will exhibit at the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo East (PAX East) in Boston April 11th – 13th.

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  1. I was interested until I realized it’s another social media personal information leech. Pass.

  2. Yeah I second this. Even the best mobile games, are still only mobile games. If this was a PC game, even just like… a steam exclusive, I might be excited. But I’m not going to pay for a game I can only play on a tiny-ass screen.

  3. Interesting premise, one that would be welcome. However I find it hard to have confidence in a developer that doesn’t even have the rights to the music.

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