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San Diego Comic Con Trek Ship Exclusive

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Diamond Select Toys has announced exclusive products for the forthcoming San Diego Comic Con and amongst the exclusives there is one Star Trek ship.

The ship is the USS Excelsior.

The USS Excelsior is a battle-damaged version, with the damage as seen in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Only one hundred of these ships will be available.

In other Diamond Select Toy news, the Wrath of Khan USS Enterprise, complete with light and sound features, is set to be reissued soon.

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11 thoughts on “San Diego Comic Con Trek Ship Exclusive

  1. I f*****g HATE exclusives,and only 100 of these is just bloody ridiculous! Last year they had 200 cloaked BoP’s and the sold out the first night,which is Preview Night. No doubt a frickin’ scalper,which I also f*****g hate,bought all of them. So I decided to not even bother with exclusives anymore. If it’s there when I go by a booth seeling exclusives and I actually want it,then sure I’ll get it,but not lining up for stuff like this anymore. Too many bad experiences lately. Good luck to anyone going,and trying to get this though! Comic Con is GREAT fun and I go every year.


  2. I bought a “battle damaged” Enterprise (re: TWOK, I believe) and it’s poorly made and the “damage” customization is very sloppy. Off to Goodwill it goes! OTOH, I’d love to have an Excelsior that lights up with clips of the voice of Sulu, or my second choice an Enterprise-B with lights and sounds*. But no flipping “battle damage” dang-nabbit! 🙂

    * Love the reaction from our cat to the sounds.

  3. Well those are easily available,so no problem getting one of those,lol! I’m just happy my short attention span doesn’t let me be a completist,LOL!


  4. Agreed. I used to collect the Hallmark ornaments. I had them all. Or so I thought. Found out SDCC had been doing exclusives. Made me so mad. Especially since every single person who gets them at SDCC sells them on e-Bay for a 500% mark-up. >:(

  5. I KNOW,right?! I try and get some of the exclusive Hallmarks orny’s for some friends who collect them,and it’s only getting harder and harder each year. I only get some of the pop culture orny’s myself,lol! This is my 16th Comic Con,and my fourth NYCC in October,which I also fly over for. I remember the first year I went to NYCC,also first time Hallmark had a booth there,and I got the exclusives real easy for friends. One was a glow in the dark repaint of a TOS Enterprise that they just slapped Defiant on instead. It cost 35 bucks then,now….500-600 bucks!!!!! Bloody madness! I didn’t even buy one for myself and I could’ve easily bought twenty more! Grrrr! LOL! And I would be nice and only sell’em for 200 bucks each,lol!

    And don’t even get me STARTED on others who sell exclsuives at the con,like Mattel and Hascrap…..ooops,Hasbro,or whatever. First you have to line up early in the morning to get a ticket to line up again to buy the stuff. Takes half a day that I’d rather be spending around the con floor. And some smaller vendors actually have some of the exclusives for sale at their booth,even though they’re not allowed to buy any till Sunday,according to the rules. Guess they wheel and deal to get some. And of course mark up the price three or four times.

    So yeah,I stopped doing exclusives,but will consider it if it’s one of the smaller companies where I actually stand a chance of getting a fun exclusive I might want. So if the lines ain’t too long and such,I sometimes give it a go.


  6. The Excelsior took, what, one torpedo hit in TUC? While shielded? This merits an entirely separate “battle-damaged” version?

  7. I agree. Not everyone can fly across the country and end up spending hundreds of dollars to get one damned ornament. Shame on Hallmark.

  8. The WOK Enterprise looks pretty sweet and the sound effects are nice, but for what I can only assume with be a steep price, it seems to me that you shouldn’t be able to see shadows through the saucer section when held up to a light.. For that kind of money, I think the thing should be solid.. Nit picky, I know…

  9. Well, for people who don’t care about a little battle damage, and who don’t want to go through whatever impossible hoops will likely be necessary to get this (especially with such a limited run of 100!) there’s still the regular retail version.

    When will Diamond Select get around to doing the Reliant? I’d love one to go with my Enterprise. And a Grissom might be cool, too, just so we can have all four Federation starship designs presented in the classic Trek films.

    Does anyone have the regular retail Excelsior or the Enterprise-B? And also own a previous release of their refit-Enterprise? I’m just curious if they made it in scale with the Enterprise, or if they just made it about the same size as the Enterprise. Personally, I’d hope they’re in scale, but I’d not be surprised if that isn’t the case.

  10. I don’t understand what people are thinking when they purchase a “battle damaged” ship. Why would you deliberately buy something with scratches and dents and simulated burn marks when you could pay the same price for one that looks shiny new? I must be missing something.

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