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Seven of Nine Bobble Head

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Fans attending  the San Diego Comic-Con will be able to purchase a Star Trek Seven of Nine Bobble Head.

The Bobble Head comes courtesy of Bif Bang Pow!.

The Seven of Nine Bobble Head shows Seven of Nine as Annika Hansen, as seen in Star Trek: Voyager: Human Error.

This convention-exclusive bobble head includes a black, gold and silver base that includes the Star Trek: Voyager delta logo and the Seven of Nine name.

Almost seven inches high, the Seven of Nine Bobble Head will sell for $15.00 and will be available at booth #2343 at Comic-Con. After the convention, Entertainment Earth will be offering the bobble head for sale.

“FINALLY, I’m a Bobblehead!! :-)” said Ryan, via her Twitter feed. She told one of her fans that a bobble head figure was “more fun” that an action figure or a life size cardboard standee.

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14 thoughts on “Seven of Nine Bobble Head

  1. No offense to Jeri Ryan, but the hairdo looks more like Tricia Helfer’s (Battlestar Galactica) than Jeri’s, and the cut of the red dress doesn’t match what either one of them wore. (Nor does the face really look like Jeri.

    Looks to me like some marketing guy at the bobblehead company said, “Man, we really overdid it on those generic blonde heads for the Big Bang Penny doll this quarter.” And his buddy the Star Trek fan said, “Slap those surplus heads on a body with a red dress and we can call it Seven of Nine as Annika!”

    “Genius! Quick, call Paramount!”

  2. Ah, where but Trektoday would I get article after article about tacky overpriced kitsch?

  3. It is odd that the Internet has fostered this language of “going,” “visiting,” etc. It makes it sound like there’s actual commitment or expenditure of effort involved in clicking a link, when, as we all know, there is not. I have been checking trektoday god knows how long (since the mid-90s, I’m guessing, or at least the late 90s) and old habits die hard, but I remember a time when it was a lively place filled with actual news and content, while the site that exists today remind of the term “ghost brand” — something that’s technical still there but coasting along as a shadow of its former self. The transparency with which it’s trying to drum up a few bucks by referring people to merchandise sites is sad and vulgar.

    The mere fact of “going” to a site does not endorse the site. I guess I would confess to still “coming” to trektoday for two reasons. 1: Simple habit. 2: Something like the Internet equivalent of “hatewatching” (“hatebrowsing”?). Either way, I would do well to cut it out.

    Finally, does no one else find it ironic that articles about Star Trek get posted on sites in the top few hundred rankings (like this recent one from Slate http://www.slate.com/blogs/quora/2014/07/06/star_trek_the_next_generation_why_did_the_starfleet_allow_families_aboard.html) and Trektoday seems none the wiser?

  4. I write news about Star Trek (production, when it’s happening; actors, merchandise, books, comics, etc.). That article appears to be discussion regarding story plots. It’s suitable for the BBS, but not really news.

  5. *shrug* It’s news. I’m not keen on it because it looks nothing like Ryan as far as I’m concerned, but some may well disagree/like the item.

  6. I don’t care much for these nick-nacks and toys either, but T’Bonz is just doing her job. She’s one of the nicest ppl I encountered on the BBS, back in the good old days (2003ish?) when I posted there. 🙂

  7. Battin’ a thousand, anonymous poster. With a hit rate like that, you could easily get work writing clickbait for Latino Review.

  8. Startrek.com? TrekkBBS? Trek.fm? Trekmate? Not to mention countless industry sites covering SDCC news?

  9. Yeah…I guess I will offer a *shrug* as well, and wander off for another ten years or so. This is just another result of having way too much free time. The Shat was right! hehe

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