June 21 2024


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Two New Starship Collection Ships

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Fans waiting for more ship previews from The Official Starships Collection are in luck with news of two more ships coming soon.

The ships this time are alien ships; one from Cardassia and one from Vulcan.

Issue Thirty-Three will feature a Cardassian Hideki Class ship, as seen in Deep Space Nine episodes such as Call to Arms, Sacrifice of Angels, Tacking into the Wind, and What You Leave Behind.

The next issue, Thirty-Four, will feature a Vulcan Surak Class ship, as seen in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Both ships will make their debut in January, and can be pre-ordered by heading to the link located here. Each ship will sell for $19.99.

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1 thought on “Two New Starship Collection Ships

  1. I love this collection, i really do, but i can’t help but think that they are making some odd decisions with the choices of ships that they are including. I’m talking about things like the Bajoran Solar Sail, Krennam temporal ship, Malon Freighter and the earth freighter seen in Enterprise…..i don’t know about anyone else but i would never have gone out of my way to purchase a model of any of those ships, and many more of the up and coming ones for that matter. The only reason i am getting these ones at all is that i tend to be a little anal when it comes to collecting so i must have the entire collection. That being said thought, if Eaglemoss had given me the choice to pick and choose which ones i wanted to received as part of my subscription i would definitely have considered it.
    I would imagine that when my collection is complete, i will only actually want about a quarter of it. Most of the ships wont even be getting opened or displayed; they’re heading straight for the cardboard spacedock in the attack.
    Also, am i the only person that thinks it should have been a no brainer to release the ‘Enterprises’ as the specials in the collection?

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