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Remastered Original Series Re-release

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Fans who never picked up the Blu-ray release of the original series back in 2009 have the chance to do so now.

The three seasons will be re-released with new packaging, which is based on the original series uniforms.

Next Tuesday, CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution will release Star Trek – The Original Series: Season 1 Remastered (ten discs), Star Trek – The Original Series: Season 2 Remastered (eight discs), and Star Trek – The Original Series: Season 3 Remastered (seven discs).

There is no additional content for this latest original series release, so if one already owns the set that came out in 2009, there is no need to get this new one.

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8 thoughts on “Remastered Original Series Re-release

  1. I think this is a re-release on DVD, not Blu-ray. It’s the remastered version of TOS with the new transfer and special effects, but it’s still DVD. The source article says DVD and you can see “CBS DVD” on the spines in the picture.
    The Blu-rays are still in print, though, and look stunning for anyone who wants to buy those.

  2. The other thing I don’t think even TV Shows on DVD mentioned was that these uniform packages have been around a year or two as Best Buy exclusives. So they are not new so much as getting a wider audience. Personally, I kind of like how they look!

  3. It’s so weird to see the CBS logo on Trek stuff. I feel like I’ve fallen through some sort of anomaly.

  4. > There is no additional content for this latest original series release, so if one already owns the set that came out in 2009, there is no need to get this new one.
    “No additional content” is not the same as “no new content”. Taken literally, this could be interpreted as meaning this is just a stripped-down version that doesn’t include *any* of the extras (in other words, it’s got nothing beyond the episodes themselves). Wouldn’t be the first time a subsequent re-release of a series is totally stripped down and ends up in the bargain bin.
    I bought the very first set of 40 DVDs individually (at 2 episodes per DVD) and never got any of the newer TOS releases. I’ve seen the Blu-Rays but don’t yet own them…if the price is right, this is probably where I’m gonna take the plunge.

  5. I own most of the two-volume sets, and did own the “plastic-shell” release that came in yellow, red and blue. The packaging kind of looked like something from the TOS studio set. I found the quality on the 2-DVD sets to be superior, particularly the color, which seemed desaturated in the newer set. The sound levels seemed different as well. I sold the newer sets. Even the 2-DVD had cuts; I noticed one music cue missing from “The Doomsday Machine” which I did have on the old VHS. Anyway, I really like the 2-DVDs, though I’ve heard the best presentation of TOS might be the old laserdiscs.

  6. The sound mix on home video has never been the same since the DVDs came out. Everything has been screwed with and even the “mono broadcast track” on the Blu-Rays is mostly wrong. particularly in the last two seasons. There has never been a truly accurate “night of broadcast” representation of Star Trek on home video.

  7. Temporal anomaly, to be exact. Someone tampered with the timeline. Temporal Police to the rescue!

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