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Shatner In Trek 3? Well Maybe

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William Shatner has been approached regarding a part in Star Trek 3.

Several days ago, Shatner had dismissed the rumor that he might appear in Star Trek 3 by saying “I don’t know anything about the current gossip. Nobody has contacted me. Right now, it’s just rhetoric to cause hype.”

But while at Wizard World this weekend, Shatner admitted that Producer J.J. Abrams had been in touch with him and that Shatner would be “delighted,” to make an appearance, provided the part was “meaningful.”

“So I get back from Australia, and it is all over the internet that the director held an interview and said they wanted Shatner and Nimoy to be in the next movie,” he said “I bet J.J. is frothing at the mouth.”

But he has no idea how they would get him into the movie legitimately. “How do you get me fifty years later into the movie?” he asked. “I know it’s science fiction, but even I couldn’t come up with an idea.”

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27 thoughts on “Shatner In Trek 3? Well Maybe

  1. star trek as a franchise is dead!!!!, william shatner would bust out of his starfleet uniform because he is to ild and fat. its not going to happen.

  2. > But he has no idea how they would get him into the movie legitimately. “How do you get me fifty years later into the movie?” he asked. “I know it’s science fiction, but even I couldn’t come up with an idea.”
    Does it matter, given that JJ and crew have time and again demonstrated they’re willing to throw everything out the window so they can call it their own?
    Bill, do yourself a favor and don’t associate yourself with the train wreck that has become the Star Trek franchise.

  3. Dead? It’s more alive than it’s been in a decade. What IS it with you people here?

  4. Given that every fan poll on the subject shows that the overwhelming majority of fans want both Nimoy and Shatner to be in the next film, he clearly has NOT damaged his reputation. The small but vocal minority who dislike Abrams’ films do not represent fandom. If they did, the films wouldn’t be nearly as successful as they have been. Face it–you don’t speak for fans.

  5. Agreed, SC69; buncha haters here!

    I could have done without the last movie and its mystery villain but at least Bad Robot got that bugaboo out of their system; hoping Bob and the two newbies can come up with something fantastic and original this time, with or without Denny Crane. 😀

  6. Then what does that make all of your ad hominem comebacks to the “stupid” responses in this thread? I know that standards confuse and anger the tasteless, but at least try to put up a rational defense of the shit you like to eat.

  7. I’m taking statistic right now in school and I’m here to say that fan polls on the internet are crap! Only the “loud ones” do those things and it’s really not such a great basis for anything.

  8. No cbs is not reviving it,and no its not coming out on netflix either, its deadas a franchise, face it people!!!!!, and kinda off the subject for a minute, the hooded cyborg villian in star wars episode7 who is supposedly the inquisitor is going to be played legendary actor max von sydow. Not adam driver.

  9. To hell with all this, I’m laid here, legs wide open – anyone fancy bunging some sausage in my l’ill love nest?

  10. Other cameos I’d like to see in this movie
    1, A story
    2, Characters and motivations that make sense
    3, A qualified and successful film director

  11. Only socially inept 12-year-olds tell people they’re not really a fan. Grow up, kid. You’re no more a fan than anyone else, and your opinion is not fact. Learn the difference.

  12. BeatleJwol – this isnt directed at you specifically but the growing culture of branding people Haters your post references and in some part continues.

    You may be aware that during the holocaust Nazi Germany referred to the Jews as ‘pieces’ as part of a strategy to discredit and undermine them as people and ignore them without listening to their pleas. I by no means trivialise the horrors of 1930s Germany, but labelling anyone with a legitimate gripe or criticism as a ‘Hater’ does seem to echo the tactic of refusing to engage in a sensible conversation by diminishing people en masse. Just imagine ordering a nice steak in a restaurant, it comes out with a dirty band aid across it, you go to complain to the waiter, he refuses to listen points at you shouting “ooooh listen to the Hater!!” seriously is that how you’d want your problems dealt with?

    To be clear I do not think anyone who enjoyed STID is a moron, at least for that reason only 😉

    I don’t hate Star Trek I love it, that’s why I am unwilling to accept, what I consider to be a sub par entry

    I find it difficult to understand why anyone would argue for Bob Orci to direct the 50th anniversary movie when he has NO Directorial experience. Put it another way; I don’t hate my mum, in fact I love my mum – do I want her directing a Star Trek Movie? No. Why? Because she has nothing on her CV to suggest she could do the job. Sound familiar?

    Better suggestions than Bob Orci
    Nick Meyer
    Johnathan Frakes
    Brad Bird
    Alfonso Cuaron
    Woody Allen
    My Mum

    Even the most die hard STID fan has to accept that it was derivative of TWOK. Then, if we take TWOK out of the picture on its own merit STID replayed several arcs, storylines, action sequences and visuals from Star Trek 2009 and included several plot contrivances that are easy to pick holes in. That is FACT not opinion.

    Given the point above I’m surprised that whether individuals ‘love’ or ‘hate’ STID more people are not demanding a better calibre of movie for the next one?

    Surely we all agree that an original science fiction adventure story, with original dialogue, produced by professionals with the best qualifications and experience is the best way to get a good movie whatever came before?

    Its not hatred people its common sense

  13. The issue here is – sure fans would love to see Shatner and Nimoy together in character again. It is the anniversary and quite likely their last hurrah. There’s no problem with that. The problem is the setting. The whole idea of NuTrek is, well, its supposed to be new. First they recycle Khan now they are considering this. Is this a fresh start or just fandom gone mad? Abramstrek is similar to a Family Guy episode; how many references can we jam into a movie? No, I don’t think seeing original Kirk and Spock again is a disservice. I think propping up a rebooted film franchise on one homage after another is a disservice to the whole concept of Nutrek.

  14. That’s a good question. I’ve been a fan of star trek since TNG came on the air when i was 5. I love every series, and most of the movies… even the new ones. Star Trek is far from dead…

    PS: I love the Star Wars movies too… even the prequels!… i suppose that probably negates my Trekkie status

  15. “small but vocal minority”? What planet do you live on? Of course the two films have been successful because they appealed to the mass audience that leaves their brain at home so they can watch two hours of senseless action without ever wondering where the real story is. These people went to see the movies because they were this week’s blockbuster , but not because they wanted to see a Star Trek movie. I bet you can show one of the old movies to this audience, and 95% of them would be bored to death by an intelligent story. So do me favour and shut up as long as you have nothiing substantial to offer!

  16. Like I said, I could definitely have done without the last movie. The 2009 film left the franchise in a good place, lots of potential, and then STID came along and suddenly “oh hey let’s do these things that worked 20 years ago again”.
    I pin the blame on that largely with Damon Lindelof and/or J.J Abrams; they’re (or considerably less involved, in the case of JJ) now!

    I’m just ready to wait and see.

  17. We could have Shatner and Nimoy sit by the fire and sing, “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, those movies were just a bad dream.”.

  18. At the end of the new movie, after the lens flares, borgafied Q, beaming all the way into another galaxy to find the origin planet of tribbles and fighting another super duper sized starship from the borgafied klingon empire, I’d like to see Admiral, Starfleet, James T Kirk (after years of searching once again for Spock) appear thru a wormhole with the modernized Enterprise A and rescue real Spock from the JJVerse. Real Spock then adapts some funky JJVerse technology that will allow the Enterprise A to manipulate the wormhole in order to instantaneously return to Earth orbit in the real Trek universe. Right before they enter the wormhole, real Kirk could signal JJKirk that the JJverse needs to die in order to return the balance to the Force. Real Kirk then launches a shuttlecraft full of red matter out of the shuttlebay, thus destroying the JJ Verse forever. Once they get back, real Spock then uses a JJVerse super duper tranmitter that allows him to mind meld with the entire real Trekverse AND the movie audience to erase this abomination from everyone’s minds forever

  19. I’d like to see good ole space ketchup aka red matter being used again, one last time, by Mr. Spock (or Kirk) in order to get back into his own universe, while collapsing the bubble universe aka abramsverse once and for all. After that’s done, we’re out of space ketchup, and no more pseudo universes… Spock and Kirk, now considerably older (yes, Kirk cheated death once again 🙂 would go on one last adventure, perhaps picking up Uhura, Chekov and Sulu on the way. Well, that’d be nice. Your proposal isn’t bad.

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