April 24 2024


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Star Trek: Alien Domain Game Announced

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Star Trek: Alien Domain, a new “officially-licensed multiplayer online strategy game, playable via web browser,” will be arriving later this year.

The game is set after “the most chronologically recent Star Trek canon” and will feature a new Trek story.

“Set in the mysterious extradimensional realm of Fluidic Space, players will make strategic decisions to maintain control over limited resources, balance defensive spending with research, establish colonies, and prioritize power distribution for optimal efficiency. Players will also have the option to participate in PvP encounters such as one-on-one skirmishes, raids against player-controlled outposts, and large-scale, guild vs. guild Alliance Battles.”

“We’re excited to make a game based on a franchise we’re all such huge fans of,” said Scott Wong, president of GameSamba. “The chance to add our own story to the Star Trek universe, and help bring it to a global audience, is one of those opportunities you can only dream of.”

TrekToday will provide more information on the game as it becomes available.

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4 thoughts on “Star Trek: Alien Domain Game Announced

  1. The reference to “Fluidic Space” seems to indicate that this will be set in the post-Voyager Prime Universe.

  2. Yea, I read “chronologically most recent” to mean after the events of Nemesis too. Recent being farthest into the… future? It’s confusing when you think about it. I don’t think they meant JJ-verse setting though. Wouldn’t make sense with the fluidic space setting either.

  3. I read the “the most chronologically recent Star Trek canon”and saw the picture. I don’t see JJ-Trek as canon, but I realize a lot of others do as well as that uniform on that Vulcan feel more like the JJ-Trek version. I hope it’s not JJ-Trek and agree it’s kind of confusing, but I’m just saying, if it is JJ-Trek then forget it!

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