June 21 2024


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New Starships Collection Ships Announced

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The Official Starships Collection has announced five more Star Trek ships.

The ships include two Federation ships and three alien ships.

The ships include:

  • #51 Hirogen Hunter (Voyager: Message in a Bottle)
  • #52 USS Centaur (NCC-42043, Deep Space Nine: A Time to Stand)
  • #53 Klingon Attack Ship (Enterprise: Affliction)
  • #54 Steamrunner Class (Star Trek: First Contact)
  • #55 D’kyr Class (Vulcan, Enterprise: Shockwave Part II)


Other news from The Official Starship Collections spoke about future ships under consideration, which include: Earth Spacedock, Deep Space Station K7, a very detailed Borg Cube, the Norway Class, a NX-refit, Kazon ships, and moving parts on a model of the Jellyfish.

The Official Starships Collection will arrive in France and Germany in January, and Spain and The Netherlands in March.


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