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Star Trek Online: Delta Rising

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Star Trek Online, the free-to-play massive multiplayer game, has launched their second expansion – Delta Rising.

“The second expansion for Star Trek Online builds on the story of Star Trek: Voyager as players uncover a hand-crafted, expansive storyline and brand new gameplay mechanics all available for free.”

The story is set thirty-two years after the Star Trek: Voyager series. Set in the Delta Quadrant, the game “re-introduces players to key members of the Voyager cast, including Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Robert Picardo (The Doctor), Garrett Wang (Harry Kim), Ethan Phillips (Neelix) and Tim Russ (Tuvok).”

“With Star Trek Online: Delta Rising, our team continues to build on our vision of creating the most immersive experience for science-fiction fans,” said Stephen D’Angelo, executive producer for Star Trek Online. “The franchise is acclaimed for creating strong storylines, and being able to dig deeper and further develop the Voyager narrative was an honor for a team full of Star Trek fans.”

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6 thoughts on “Star Trek Online: Delta Rising

  1. what is the very, VERY first quest to complete please tell me befor I actually start the dawn game . and I guess steam is a type of
    gaming website just like arc

  2. This expansion has pushed the game much closer towards the style of an Asian Grind MMO. If you don’t pay real money you’ll be literally 2-3 years getting anywhere in the game because of various new grinds.

    Take the upgrade system for example, you HAVE to use it to get end-game gear. However to upgrade one single character’s worth of gear will cost you anywhere between $200-400 US Dollars. To do that in game would be over a year and can easily become exponentially more if you have bad luck.

    Then there’s the the incident with levelling. You can’t enjoy the story because there isn’t enough content to level up, so you have to grind up which with recently reduced xp gains will take a very long time especially for a newer player, who lets remember at this point will have a harder time getting gear than the veterans have done. When players did find a reasonable way to close this gap, the developers quarantined the area, declared the playerbase exploiters, even though this had been raised on the test server as a potential flaw and they ignored it, and proceeded to roll a number of accounts back.

    The new specialisation trees work off the levelling system too, and in order to gain all the points you need it is equivalent of levelling to 110, which with poor xp rewards is very time consuming and many players have felt that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel as it were.

    Another issue that makes the previous issues more poignant is the queues. Before dilithium was used to drop from the old elites at around 960 dilithium a run, now it is 480 for advanced, the supposed equal to the old elites, while normal queues reward 240, which is nowhere near enough to pay for anything useful from reputations or fleet stores in any reasonable amount of time. Speaking of the difficulty brackets, the only real differences between difficulty setting is the sheer amount of hitpoints and one-shot capability of the mobs, effectively squashing build diversity for player ships in the game onto a linear path considered ‘do damage or go home.’

    This is just a sample of the mess DR is in right now, so as a warning to anyone considering playing, I hope you like neverending grinds otherwise you’ll be paying a LOT of money to get ahead or you’ll never be competitive again.

  3. The devs did a really bad job with this expancion. Grind grind and more grind.. and they force you to paid real money to make the grind smaller. Well understend that they have to make money, but in other games you paid for fun stuff, in STO they want us to paid so the grind is smaller. And wile the forums burn, cryptic even decided to put a 300 seconds cooldown on the forum post so they can censorship any type of critics.

    Bad expancion made by a mad company.

  4. What’s lost in the scramble to make the game tougher, and force a larger percentage to pay to compete is that the content wasn’t that bad. The story was interesting and the past few releases have been IMO decent enough to warrant me paying another $250 to stay relevant.

    I love the IP, and the game. If there was a better ST MMO, I’d check it out. Cryptic and Perfect World know this, and are quite happy to put the screws to me to get more money.

    I deeply regret paying for the Operations Pack. I strongly recommend against buying the Operations Pack. If you’re new, stick to the drops and enjoy the game until Level 50. Then look elsewhere for fun.

    The game just isn’t fun anymore.

  5. In the wake of the unmitigated disaster that was the DR release, the devs have proclaimed it the best release ever, accused the players of hacking/exploiting en masse (for playing the game as intended and AS SUGGESTED) and have since cracked down on forum users that have expressed dissatisfied opinions — not trolls, not whiners, but actual community members that voiced opposition to Cryptic’s choices — and muted them to revoke all forum posting privs. There was a sharp 180 after they did this with no dissent on the forums, and it has been reported on other social media sites. No warnings, no moderations, no edits, no nothing. They simply removed the ability for these forum members to post anything. Then slap a 5 minute post cooldown on the rest of the forum. They know this is a disaster and they are squashing the player base FLAT, and fast. They’ve overnight killed the game and the community in 4 major massively bad steps.

    But… you know… Enjoy the game! Sure! Great fun! Alone… never being able to earn any gear, never being able to earn rep, or progress levels. Never being able to join a mission queue because everybody else left overnight.

    DR killed this game very effectively. It’s about the only way you can count it as successful.

  6. The very, very first quest is the tutorial,

    ARC is basically a PWE specific Steam, without the expansive game library and none of the great deals. ARC also tends to slow people’s systems down rather noticably, and people have accused it of being spyware (don’t know if true or not). In the end, avoid ARC. Steam’s pretty good though, has some nice features, doesn’t tank your system, but most importantly the fantastic deals on games you can get, especially at the Summer and Winter sales.

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