May 22 2024


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Trek UglyDolls First Look

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Several months ago, TrekToday reported that Star Trek-themed Uglydolls were to be released next year, and now fans can see what the Uglydolls will actually look like.

Five Trek Uglydolls will debut in two styles in January.

The Uglydolls will include: Wage as Captain Kirk, Ox as Spock, Ice-Bat as Scotty, Babo as Doctor McCoy, and Tray as Uhura.

Each character will come in two different sizes; a twelve inch plush, or as a three-and-a-half inch clip.

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4 thoughts on “Trek UglyDolls First Look

  1. Because Beanie Babies were so last century…? I don’t get these, either. I see a yard sale in their future.

  2. I’ll tell you exactly why. It’s not targeted at Trek fans, but at the people who might be Trek fans’ significant others who likely know absolutely nothing about Trek. They will be seen by these people as a potentially cute and thoughtful gift, that has something remotely to do with that “Star Track” thing that my boyfriend/girlfriend thinks will be sweet and thoughtful and will be sure to love, just ’cause it’s something having to do with “Star Track” and will likely cost under $20.
    Brilliant marketing, really.

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