July 18 2024


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New Bixby Mirror Mirror EBook

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A new eBook from Jerome Bixby has been released and two of the stories in it will be of special interest to Star Trek fans.

Bixby wrote the Mirror, Mirror; By Any Other Name, Day of the Dove, and Requiem for Methuselah original series episodes.

The new eBook, Mirror, Mirror Classic SF by the Famed Star Trek and Fantastic Voyage Writer, showcase[s] a trio of never-before-reprinted novelettes containing ideas that Bixby would later mine and transmogrify in two of his highly regarded Star Trek episodes, One-Way Street and Mirror, Mirror (both used in the ST script Mirror, Mirror) and Cargo to Callisto (used in By Any Other Name).

The third story was also made into a sci-fi classic, The Twilight Zone‘s It’s a Good Life.

Other stories in Mirror, Mirror include Bixby’s “first SF story for a pulp magazine, Tubemonkey (1949), and his very last, The God Plllnk (1964). You will also find a half-dozen other ‘lost’ stories and novelettes reprinted for the first time since their original magazine publication in the 1950 and ’60s.” These include Ev, Sort of Like a Flower, The Slizzers, One Way Street, For Little George, Little Boy, Our Town, The Bad Life, and Natural History of the Kley.

Currently available in a Kindle Edition for $3.99, Mirror, Mirror Classic SF by the Famed Star Trek and Fantastic Voyage Writer will also be released as a trade paperback. To order the Kindle version, head to the link located here.

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