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Kindle Trek Book Deal

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Tomorrow, six Star Trek novels will go on sale in Amazon‘s Kindle Daily Deal.

The books cover the original series, The Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine.











The sale will drop the price of the Kindle versions of the six books to $1.99 each for twenty-four hours only.

The books include:

  • Death Count by L.A. Graf
  • Spectre by William Shatner
  • Q-Squared by Peter David
  • Star Trek: Nemesis by J.M. Dillard
  • Station Rage by Diane Carey
  • Fallen Heroes by Dafydd ab Hugh

The sale begins at midnight PST Saturday January 3rd at Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Kindle Trek Book Deal

  1. These are all pretty old books, aren’t they?
    I own about 100 of these (mostly TNG/DS9, a few TOS hardcovers) that I bought decades ago, when they were brand new. I quit at roughly the same time the Voyager books started coming out. I *may* have Spectre, but I know I definitely have Fallen Heroes and Q-Squared. They’re in a box somewhere, and I know there’s a few I still haven’t read (maybe the last 15% of them). It’s been a while I’ve paid attention to what’s been coming out–seems that last couple of times I checked the local bookstores, there was very little interest in new Trek books, so I don’t see myself starting again.
    Even though I’m a gadget guy, it’s taken me forever to get myself an e-ink reader, and then, I’ve read maybe 30 pages on it. Meh.
    Is there actually an interest in Trek novels these days? I suppose that pushing out a couple of these old ones may be done by the publisher in part to try to answer that very question…

  2. Why not just put out what were considered the very best novels?

    The way I remember it, these books didn’t exactly set the Star Trek universe on fire

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