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Simpsons Trek

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Sunday night’s The Simpsons episode, The Man Who Came to Be Dinner, featured a Star Trek closing credit.

In The Man Who Came to Be Dinner, the Simpsons visited the home planet of the aliens Kang and Kodos.

Running for approximately a minute, the credits included references to the original series with Marge as Vina from The Menagerie, Homer as Kirk in Arena, Sulu in The Naked Time, Bart as Scotty, Mr. Burns as Balok from The Corbomite Maneuver, Barney as Harry Mudd from I, Mudd; Homer as Kirk in The Gamesters of Triskelion, four Simpsons characters as Lokai and Bele from Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, and a scene from The Trouble with Tribbles featuring the crazy cat lady, Principal Skinner, Superintendent Chalmers, and Professor Frink.

In addition, there was a nod to Deep Space Nine with Milhouse appearing as Quark. Voyager was represented by Lisa as the Borg Queen.

Simpsons Star Trek inspired closing credits by lbrasi3

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5 thoughts on “Simpsons Trek

  1. Unlikely. They either got permission (which would allow Bart to be in red) or it was protected as a parody (which would allow Bart to be red). Either way someone made a choice for him to be in blue – and Homer to be in something that didn’t look like gold to me. Regardless it was, as Bobby said, AWESOME!

  2. Mr. Burns and the Cat Lady cracked me up. The end credits made up for an otherwise absolutely dismal episode.
    I wish I could find clean, high-res versions of these two frames–I’d use them as wallpapers. 🙂

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