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Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: Uncertain Logic

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The cover for Christopher L. Bennett‘s Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: Uncertain Logic can now be seen.

Bennett’s latest Trek book will be released in April.

ROTFBennettBook010815In Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: Uncertain Logic, “Years ago, Jonathan Archer and T’Pol helped unearth the true writings of Vulcan’s great philosopher Surak, bringing forth a new era of peaceful reform on Vulcan. But when their discovery is seemingly proven to be a fraud, the scandal threatens to undo a decade of progress and return power to the old, warlike regime. Admiral Archer, Captain T’Pol, and the crew of the U.S.S. Endeavour investigate with help from their Vulcan allies, but none of them suspect the identity of the real master­mind behind the conspiracy to reconquer Vulcan — or the price they will have to pay to discover the truth.

“Meanwhile, when a long-forgotten technological threat reemerges beyond the Federation’s borders, Captain Malcolm Reed of the U.S.S. Pioneer attempts to track down its origins with help from his old friend ‘Trip’ Tucker. But they discover that other civilizations are eager to exploit this dangerous power for their own benefit, even if the Federation must pay the price!”

Four hundred pages in length, Rise of the Federation: Uncertain Logic will sell for $7.99.

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10 thoughts on “Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: Uncertain Logic

  1. Read all the other books and it makes sense, but yes traditionally the books aren’t official cannon.

  2. The novels have never been canon, but the line did retcon Trip’s death as having been faked…

  3. Yea, the books sometimes take some odd creative liberties. Like the Romulans and Borg reviving Kirk or something like that? I don’t know much about whatever book that happened in but it sounds pretty strange.

  4. Thanks for the clarification. I’ve never read the novels but do have the history book volumes.

  5. I think it was the first novel Shatner worked on with the Reeves Stevens. I too thought it bizarre!

  6. Oh, Shatner worked on the novel himself? No wonder he brought Kirk back if that’s the case haha.

  7. That last episode was a crappy Next Generation Holodeck simulation wasn’t it? If they can turn the last episode into an “it was all a dream” cliche, surely they can alter space time to imply his death didn’t actually happen, like they did with Kirk in Generations?

    My favorite flip is season 2 of Sledge hammer. In season 1, Sledge detonated a nuke, killing himself and destroying LA, yet they claimed season 2 was before season 1, even though he was still with his partner he met at the beginning of season 1 (Doreau).

  8. That’s the Shatnerverse, doesn’t tie in to mainstream Trek Lit (i.e that written by everyone else). Trip faked his own death to infiltrate the Romulans behind the scenes, and history got a bit confused with the timings (e.g. why were Hoshi and Travis still Ensigns 10 years after launch?)

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