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Trek Actors At The Oscars

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The 87th Academy Awards took place last night, and several Star Trek actors were in attendance.

Three actors from Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek into Darkness were awards presenters.

The three were Benedict Cumberbatch, Zoë Saldana, and Chris Pine, who can be seen in the picture accompanying this article.

Star Trek into Darkness‘ Cumberbatch had been nominated for Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for his work in The Imitation Game, but lost out to Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything). The Imitation Game also lost out to Birdman for Best Picture, although it scooped up an Oscar for Adapted Screenplay.

More photos of the attendees can be found at the referring site.

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6 thoughts on “Trek Actors At The Oscars

  1. Sorry, but I don’t see any Trek actor on any of these photos. I see a bunch of wannabes capitalizing on a Franchise built by completely other people who seem to be forgotten. These guys up there would be complete nobodies (except for the awful “actor” Cumbersomething) without Roddenberry and everybody else.

  2. Hell yeah I’d tap that Quinto, righto on his boy booty! Booya booya booya! Sniff it Zac, sniff it!

  3. Folks…you are certainly entitled to your opinions, but I feel I must point out that the actors themselves are not really to blame as to why STID was so awful. Cumberbatch in particularly is a fine actor, but all the acting chops in the world would still leave him as completely unconvincing as Khan given how poorly written the character was (in addition to being completely of the wrong ethnicity for the character).

    And ditto on the first part of the above for the rest of the cast…they are all decent enough in the acting department, but their roles in nuTrek were all universally badly written or so far out of the original intent of the ST character they were supposed to represent as to be unbelievable. And that is primarily the fault of the writers and the director, not of the actors themselves.

    Again, said by someone who considers STID to be quite the abomination and ST in name only…


  4. Completely agree. That is what you get when you have a Star Wars director directing Star Trek and two fanboys that think they know better than everyone else in Orci and Kurtzman. The writing was terrible. For me, some of the elements of STID I did enjoy, but overall I was disappointed. I am sick and tired of Star Frat and want Star Trek already.

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