May 25 2024


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Saturday Night Live Trek Skit

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Last weekend, Saturday Night Live included a Star Trek skit and a short tribute to Leonard Nimoy.

The skit was titled “Emergency Room: Worf M.D.

In the skit, a doctor who was attending a Star Trek convention is called into the hospital on his day off, but did not have time to change out of his Worf costume.

The doctor is more interested in explaining himself to his co-workers than tending to his patient.

At the end of the skit, a photo of Nimoy as Spock was shown, as seen in the photo above.

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16 thoughts on “Saturday Night Live Trek Skit

  1. That was kind of painful to watch.. was he actually trying to do an impression of Worf? It wasn’t even a good bad impression.

  2. The best part of that was the final 5 seconds with the Nimoy tribute.

  3. > “We’re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States”

    We get SNL in Canada at the same time as the US. Why, oh, why do these dumb restrictions exist?

    Well, off to YouTube I go…until those get taken down as well.

  4. Dang, Kenan looks awesome as Worf. Shame the sketch is terrible.

    …buuuuuuut it’s SNL, whatcha gonna do. Does IDIC still apply to bad sketch comedy? ^_^

  5. This is why Mrs. Kang will never allow me in the delivery room.

  6. I was thinking the same thing. They nailed the costume and makeup… just failed miserably with the writing.

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