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Eve Faces Backlash For Jenner Comments

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Star Trek into DarknessAlice Eve made some comments about Bruce Jenner recently that were not taken well by fellow Instagram users.

The comments were in reference to Jenner’s gender identity.

Eve said “Nope. If you were a woman no one would have heard of you because women can’t compete in the decathlon. You wouldn’t be a hero. You would be a frustrated young athlete who wasn’t given a chance.

“Until women are paid the same as men, then playing at being a ‘woman’ while retaining the benefits of being a man is unfair. Do you have a vagina? Are you paid less than men? Then, my friend, you are a woman.

The backlash from the post led Eve to take it down. Among other things, she was called “blatantly transphobic,” “cruel,” and “terrible.”

“Maybe this needs a little thought,” Eve said after the backlash. She thanked those who had commented “for engaging with me on this subject, because I felt confused and now I feel enlightened and like I know what education I need to move forward. I appreciate the time and thought.

“I am a supporter of anyone who wishes to explore their gender identity. Sometimes language doesn’t express the spectrum of identity sufficiently, as in this case. I am also a believer in equal rights for all…whatever your race, color or creed.”

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31 thoughts on “Eve Faces Backlash For Jenner Comments

  1. So she spoke her mind, got ripped apart by the thought police, and now she’s backpedaling to save face. My question is, why does she care what the thought police think? They aren’t worth backpedaling your opinion for Eve. You’ve got as much right to your opinion as anyone. Don’t be ashamed of it.

  2. **Gets on soap box**

    This is where the liberal hierarchy is set. Women and black rights matter only so long as they don’t intervene with the true protected class of the liberal mindset: LGBT. What’s that? Black ministers in the mid-west say they’d rather go to jail then preach that homosexuality is wrong? Lock them up! A black man who made it as the fire chief of a major city writes in a book that homosexuality is wrong? Kick him out of his job! What’s that? Women feel scared to go into a dressing room full of men who think they are women? Turn on them and call them bigots. But if you ever, ever say anything against the LGBT, prepare to be destroyed mentally, emotionally and physically. They are the “superior race”, right liberals?

    Ultimately, all of us who are not gay or agree with that twisted world view will be stuck with the knife of true bigotry, hate, slavery, subjugation and destructive powers of the LGBT movement, in the back. Mark. My. Words. The same twisted spirit that led a broken Germany fall for the words of a mad man to do horrible things has come to America, and it is draped in a rainbow flag.

    I’m sad that Ms. Eve gave in to the thought police. Hopefully in the coming years, the rest of us can be more brave and stand firm for what we know to be true and fight for true freedom as The Founders intended. Tyranny must be fought at all costs!

    **Gets off soap box**

    Now then, who wants to talk about Star Trek?

  3. Basically. In 2015, it takes brave men and women to stand for true freedom of thought!

  4. I can not understand why Bruce Jenner necessary now wants to make a TV series about his sex change? This is purely intrusive and pure narcistme to establish a negative form of attention in this way. And a famous movie hero is what has led to diva behavior and whatever further ado about nothing? That the media let themselves fooled around Jenner is ridiculous. the media and Jenner nothing better to do that the public bother with nothing saying stories that get bored to the bone?

  5. What Eve has failed to notice is that by the time she hits 50, she’s going to look EXACTLY like Bruce Jenner does now. Seriously. . .look at those photos in the article,

  6. I have to agree with this for this reason. Right or wrong, stand by what you say. If you rethink it, even if you decide on reflection that you’re completely wrong, don’t take it down. Add your explanation or afterthought to it. Even “I thought this, but you know what? I was completely wrong because XYZ.” Or better yet, “Here is why I said what I said.” Taking down posts is in my opinion an attempt to hide something that world+dog already knows you said and has screencapped to club you over the head with unto eternity.
    And please remember: EVEN AN ASSHOLE IS ENTITLED TO VOICE THEIR OPINION. Remember, to them, you are the asshole. If you want to be heard yourself, then let others speak. Said it once before but it bears repeating.

  7. One thing she says in her post sticks out in my mind: “…playing at being a ‘woman’ while retaining the benefits of being a man is unfair.”

    This statement is true. Someone who does this is being unfair. However, for most transgender people this is not the case. They are neither playing nor retaining the benefits of their born sex. It is in the vast majority of cases a very serious matter of a person struggling to make their exterior identity match their interior identity. There is an awful lot of psychological screening and counselling involved in making this permanent and irreversible change. I’ve known people who have gone through this change and it is a hard, hard road. Even at the end of it, they still may never be accepted as the gender that they’ve chosen. So many trans people end up rejected by both groups, men and women.

    But. And this is a big Kang but.

    This is Bruce Jenner we’re talking about. He’s part of a family full of notorious spotlight-hogging attention whores, and by that I mean people who will do any damn thing to get the attention they need to feed their starving egos and assuage their withered souls. I don’t know the hominid personally, but the family history does make me question the hominid’s sincerity. Is this a deep-seated identity issue that is being come to terms with, or is it yet another ploy to stay in the public eye, get yet another series, and have a network pay for expensive surgical procedures?
    This to me is a serious question. If this is a ploy then it will end up negatively impacting people who have honest, actual gender identity issues.

    I have spoken and I stand by my words. Come at me.

  8. I’m hopeful that Simon Pegg will come up with a good script for the next Trek movie. And even if he doesn’t, I’m excited at the prospect of not having to squint through lens flares to see what’s going on.

  9. Gods’ tits. She has the same chin and cheekbones. And the same little mustache.
    Kang now backs away slowly.

  10. To begin with, what a horrible person for making those comments. And what a cowardly, disingenuous person for walking them back when it might affect her career! Go model some more underwear and leave the gender discussions to those who have a few brain cells, Eve!

  11. She has the freedom to make whatever argument she wants, yes. And those who disagree with her also have the right to point out that what she said is factually incorrect and/or could be considered offensive.

    That said, I actually don’t think there was any transphobic intent behind her words, just that she posted an argument that was a complete non-sequitur. Bruce Jenner said “I currently consider myself a woman,” to which Eve pointed out that if Jenner had been born female she would never have been as famous.

  12. In most cases the person looks even more dumb via the attempted backpedal and apology.

  13. And timed his transition in such a way as to preclude any possibility of menopause. Good man!!!

  14. Fortunately, worthless bigot goons like you are dying off. Hope it’s in a ditch, and soon!

  15. To you and all the clowns who MISSED the point:

    Did you even bother reading her statement? She’s saying that women are still getting unfair treatment socially when compared to a man, and that Jenner, a man, wouldn’t have been famous, had he been born a woman. In other words, Jenner has already gotten the rewards for his accomplishment precisely because he was an accomplished MALE athlete, while female would-be athletes are still struggling to get recognition for their athletic accomplishments as female athletes. So instead of automatically condemning her, try to understand the subtext of what she is trying to say. No where did she say anything that was anti-transgender, but was attempting to point out the double-standards within gender roles.

    Also, whether or not you agree with her statement, that still doesn’t change the fact that women are treated differently than men, and have to work harder to get the same type of recognition within the same industry. So, THINK before typing. It’ll make you all more thoughtful, and less of an arse.

  16. I currently consider myself a porcupine. People say I’m a prickly son of a bitch.

  17. It’s the Battle of the Network Grievances! In THIS corner, championing Fake Women, we have Ms. Bruce Kardashian in a hideous blue unbuttoned dress shirt. And in THIS corner, representing Real Women, we have one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, who made more money last year than I’ll see in 50 lifetimes, ready to punch ol’ Bruce with the old “women are paid less than men” meme. Hormone pills will fly and silicone injections will burst. Get your popcorn!

  18. It doesn’t take intelligence to call someone a bigot, either. It’s the go-to cry for anyone that disagrees with everything- but that doesn’t mean it’s accurate.

  19. No one denied this special snowflake of an actress the right to her opinion. It’s just that other people are also allowed to give their opinion about hers, once spoken aloud.

    She made her choice to take it back — her choice to make. No one else could forced her to do this. Whether it was for her stated reason (that she had second thoughts after hearing from others) or for a more craven reason like maintaining the PR machine), she is continuing to speak and act of her free will.

    The rhetoric about how people are “silenced” is getting overwhelming.

  20. I thought about *soapboxing* about people whose lives seem to revolve around comic books and gay bashing, but what’s the point?

  21. It’s a become a struggle-session, instigated by the Cultural Maoists. Or a circular firing squad. Minor deviations result in the deviant becoming anathema. (Patton Oswalt, Lena Dunham, Annie Lennox, Pussy Riot, Joyce Carol Oates, Amanda Palmer: history’s worst monsters. Even if one finds them annoying or “oblivious to their privilege” — really?)

    Meanwhile, neoreactionaries, startup techbros, and GamerGaters are left unscathed to watch it unfold and pass the popcorn. “The revolution devours its children” – Jaques Mallet du Pan, 1793. Eventually even Robespierre gets denounced.

    It seems like a systemic vulnerability — no matter the intent, or the group doing it, internal criticism (even if in origin entirely justifiable, progressive, needed, corrective, etc.) becomes reflex, becomes sport, and then is opportunistically used to self-aggrandize one’s status, or else simply for clickbait.

    But like all police, the collective Twitter policing-machine starts looking for criminals. Every day on Twitter, there’s a new errant liberal we’re all supposed to be “mad” at.

  22. Not all women are that highly paid (and I don’t think that Ms. Eve is), and even though what she said about Karadhian was wrong, there is a gem of truth to what she said about women being paid less then men in general.

  23. And I defend their right to be an idiot and a bigot. Who is anyone, to tell anyone else, what is right or wrong for THEM to think? Who should be allowed to make that kind of judgement call? What is “clearly correct” to one person may not be to another – its the main problem I had with TNG and its preaching to completely alien cultures about how they should conduct their lives.

  24. Your the bigot, unable to allow people to express opinions that differ from your own, hoping for death, full of hate. Your comment says more about you then it does about anything else.

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