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USS Enterprise Model To Debut

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Fans waiting for the original USS Enterprise NCC-1701 from the Official Starships Collection will be pleased to hear that the model will release this year.

This summer (UK) and autumn (US), the original USS Enterprise model will finally be available.

The USS Enterprise is Issue 50 of the Official Starships Collection. It will arrive in the UK in July, followed by a September release in the U.S.

The NCC-1701 US Enterprise is made of “die-cast, high-quality ABS materials which are hand-painted with an incredible level of detail.”

To pre-order the USS Enterprise NCC-1701, which costs $19.99, head to the link located here.

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8 thoughts on “USS Enterprise Model To Debut

  1. Still a graceful, logical and beautiful design after half a century. It truly is timeless. Think about all the various TV and movie spaceships of the ’50s and ’60s, and ask yourself how many of them held up after even 10 years, let alone 50. None, except for Matt Jefferies’ baby here.

  2. I am a subscriber and am dead impressed with the quality of this ships, admittedly a couple are a little bit easy to break but they are good none the less.

    I hope we see a few more ships from TOS that featured in cannon such as the York Town, Or even battled damaged versions such as Voyager from The Year of Hell and the trashed enterprise from Nemesis

  3. What are the dimensions of this model? I can’t find them anywhere and there’s no hint to scale. I’m not comfortable when such things are not disclosed. It looks to be about 5 inches long, if that, but it could be much smaller or quite large. I’m imagining at the price, it would have to be tiny and the profit is gauging. And maybe that’s why they don’t list dimensions. Can anyone say what are the dimensions?

  4. It is easy to damage them, in spite of good construction (my husband accidentally dropped one of mine and a tiny piece of the end came off.)

    The stands are not well-designed, it’s way too easy for the ships to come off of them, say when I’m dusting the shelf upon which they live.

    I really like them, minus those flaws. I have a Romulan Warbird (naturally!), the TNG Enterprise, and Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

  5. I just did a very rough measurement of my TNG Enterprise. It was 6″ in length, and 4.5″ wide (widest part being the saucer).

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