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Star Trek: Captain Pike Kickstarter

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A new Kickstarter seeks to raise funds for a Star Trek: Captain Pike pilot.

The forty-five minute pilot would be the prequel to a feature length film called Encounter at Rigel.

Star Trek: Captain Pike will tell the story of Captain Pike “when he first takes command of the Enterprise and his first mission aboard her.” Those involved with the Star Trek: Captain Pike Kickstarter will then submit the pilot to CBS “for consideration as an ongoing cable or webseries.”

Actors who will be involved with the project include Trek veterans Dwight Schultz, Linda Park, Robert Picardo, Chase Masterson, Sean Kenney, Ray Wise, and Bruce Davidson. Jorge Pallo will also be involved in the project.

The goal for the Kickstarter is to raise $112,000, and the Kickstarter will run through June 5. To see the perks and to donate, head to the link located here.

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56 thoughts on “Star Trek: Captain Pike Kickstarter

  1. Oh dear. . . .Just say no, kids. Wise is taking the piss throughout, and he knows it.

  2. Anyone who thinks this has ANY chance of being picked up by CBS is seriously delusional. There’s no point in contributing to the Kickstarter campaign.

  3. Plus, the video is just plain wrong. “No one has ever explored the story of Captain Pike.” What?? Tell that to the many authors who have. What idiot wrote that copy for Wise to read?

  4. I have no problem donating a few dollars to these Kickstarter fan made films. My issue is that I never get a finished product. It seems all I’m shown is trailers and more trailers. Where is the actual film?

  5. Axanar is along those lines. Wonder if they are going to share sets?

  6. They’re doing a great job of talking up the actors we know who will be “in” the film… but are they the stars, or are these just essentially cameos? I’m guessing mostly cameo level roles, as it seems they’re nearly all captains of their own ships. Conversely, who the heck is Todd Shawn Tei, who is actually the one playing Christopher Pike? Near as I can tell, he’s a martial artist with little (if any) acting or producing experience. Is this really just some sort of vanity project? If so, that’s fine, but don’t oversell it on the “stars” of the film when you don’t even talk about who’s playing the lead.

    I don’t have a lot of confidence in this one.

  7. Axanar, for example, also released a 20 min. video (Prelude to Axanar) that serves as an introduction to the actual film that will be released either at the end of this year or in 2016. It’s still in production. These things take time. The approach of the producers of this project seems very similar to that of Axanar.

  8. It seems to be the new “HEY LOOK AT US” attention-getting buzzword. Kinda sad, honestly. No way in hell CBS is going to dump money on something somebody else has already done all the work on, and will be asking for the credit.

  9. Kang also has trepidations. Further, Kang is getting a major Sam J. Jones vibe from this “Todd Shawn Tei”. Kang is not impressed with the human’s teleprompter reading skills.

  10. Good luck to them. Don’t bother with all that submitting it to CBS nonsense. They won’t make a TV series based on anything you end up doing.

    And if were so groundbreaking they had to pay attention, they’ll find out about it anyway.

  11. Prelude to Axanar is the best Trek fan production I’ve ever seen. The effects were awesome and the capitalized on their strengths and hid their weaknesses, something all these fan flicks could learn from. It should’ve won some sort of awards. Maybe it did. It’s far and away better done than anything else I’ve seen and the Axanar movie will probably be similarly great.

  12. “ST Khan 4.08785454398760”

    So that was meant to be funny, then? It’s hard to tell, since it… well… wasn’t.

  13. Those are good sets- good enough for parts to be borrowed for Star Trek: Enterprise, but Axanar is closer to the time period. New Voyages has the advantage of having standing sets, although Axanar is currently building. I’ve visited the set for Starship Farragut, which is also used for Star Trek Continues. Couldn’t bring myself to sit in the captain’s seat. No matter who makes the show, we fans win.

  14. I wasn’t trying to be funny. Just stating the name of next disaster in the franchise.

  15. I agree that CBS won’t ever pick one of these fan films up as official, but that isn’t necessarily justification to not donate to one of them.

  16. I love the idea of spending more time with Pike. In fact I’d love those 90’s Marvel comics to be adapted to screen. I just don’t expect it to ever happen officially. I’m also not sold that these guys have the right stuff as an alternative.

  17. Sean Kenney? That’s cool. I enjoyed reading his autobiography (yes, I’m the one bought it) and his stories playing a wounded Pike and other encounters working on the original show.

  18. Can’t stop bashing the new movies just because they made a ton of money, revitalized the franchise, and brought in new fans, huh? Same old same old ‘get off my lawn you kids’ bullshit mentality at work.

    As for this new movie project, time will tell if this(and Axanar) is as good as the official movies from Paramount and Bad Robot.

  19. @trekkie2:disqus, @Dandru: No, it wasn’t funny at all. And how the frack do you know the next movie’s going to be a disaster, sister? Guess what, you don’t, so stop talking bullshit.

  20. No duh on that one. The makers of this thing should be like the makers of Axanar and just make it a fan show to be released free over the Internet (with a special Blu-Ray DVD for Kickstarter contributors who chipped in $100-200 for the production.)

  21. Black guy writing script, but no actors of color other than Linda Park-what’s up with that?

  22. Why don’t you swallow a grow up pill, and stop talking kiddie bullshit…sister!

  23. What the fuck don’t you people wake up and stop being deluded about the popularity of the new movies vs. these fan productions?

  24. I don’t care how much money the last two films made, I personally do not see ANYTHING I liked about Star Trek from the previous six shows and ten films in those productions period. Based on comments around the net, most fans who dog on JJ-Trek feel the same way or similar. What is so hard about THAT for you and other JJ-Trek fans to understand? Is there some rule that if Paramount or CBS slaps the “Star Trek” name on it, as fans we are bound to like it? If you belive that you are either diluted or taking money from the studio.

  25. Um, per the rules set forth by CBS, it will ultimately end up free over the internet. Since there isn’t much of chance CBS is going to sanction a fan film as an official product, showing this film (series?) for free over the internet is the most logical course.

  26. Popularity? Oh my dear, you have it all wrong. It’s not about being “popular” (a thing these films are really), it’s about is it good or not. For most longtime fans like myself, that answer is a very clear: NO! I don’t care about money. My gosh, I’ve spent enough of it on Star Trek action figures and DVD’s over the years. I care about does it interest me. If it doesn’t interest me, then there isn’t a good reason to care about it now is there? Fan films like Axanar do. See? Very simple.

  27. ST 2009 was popular, to the point that it actually did make a profit at the box office. STID barely broke even at the box office. All profits came from DVD sales. It explains why they had four or five different releases of the DVD’s. All popular films rely on a returning audience. I saw ST 2009 three times. I saw STID once. It had potential, if it hadn’t been a remake. Abrams didn’t have to be a Trek fan to ask himself one question. Would I do a remake of Star Wars? Abrams didn’t listen to the fans. He listened to some fan boy producer tell him that a remake, with his favorite set of tits and ass, would go over well at the box office. It didn’t. Reputations took a hit, as evidenced by the number of writers, directors, and producers, that have come and gone for the next installment. And the next movie is going to be Khan related because it was hinted in the last one, and somebody couldn’t keep his mouth shut about returning to that role, in the next one. People who make movies listen to what the fans want. Fans who make movies already know what the fans want.

  28. Actually, Star Trek Into Darkness did break even or there wouldn’t be a sequel coming (with more likely on the way after that.) Your attempt to make the movie look bad is just more bullshit as usual.

  29. Oh, here we go (again) with the Star Trek version of ‘the true Scotsman’ fallacy (I’m a true fan, but the people who watch the new movies aren’t, and the movies aren’t true to Roddenberry’s ‘vision’ [as if it was some sort of religion.])

    Seriously, you Trek foundamentalists (people stuck at the founding moment of Star Trek) need to get a life in the biggest way. And the people behind this fan film need to stop being deluded that CBS will pick this up and make it into a TV show.

  30. You didn’t read CathyMae’s comment. She did state that it barely broke even. But it did worse than ST: 2009. Look at Amazing Spider-man 2. It raked in tons of money, but because it didn’t meet money goals and expectations, Sony fired everyone and brought Marvel in to consult for another movie. Same thing is happening with this new film. Writers got fired and replaced. Defend the movies as much as you want, it is your right and privilege, but the facts don’t lie. And in my opinion, if they just didn’t rip off Wrath of Khan, it would have been more successful. I thought it started off well and the action was good, but then it lost me when they lifted whole scenes from the superior Wrath of Khan. And clearly older fans are having an impact if they replaced Orci with Lin and had Pegg write scripts. And before you say I’m old and don’t know anything about modernity, I’m 26 and grew up on Star Trek and loved every iteration of it. I hope this new one is good. I love Trek and would love to see more of those elements from the past make it into this new iteration. However, I do not want to see remakes of what was done, rather I would love to see some characters or concepts from the past done in an original and unique way. Or even better, something completely new and exciting. My thought of a kickass movie would be to use Trelane as the antagonist. We saw him in only one episode and he was an awesome character. Wouldn’t it be great to see his character expanded and explored more, especially if you get the right actor to portray him? I think that would have been a better second movie.

  31. Who cares? Comments like this continue the race wars. If the black guy doesn’t want other black people in it, then so be it.

  32. I knew that. I threw it back at you because I appreciated it just as much as you did.

  33. It didn’t make a profit. As far as I know, there had been a plan for three movies. They were lucky STID broke even, or there wouldn’t be a next movie.

  34. Yeah, I’m going to believe you over sources from IMDB and other sites like Rotten Tomatoes that are in the know about this-get real.

  35. It’s not rocket science. It cost $150m to make plus $40m in promotions and what not. Mojo is now saying it took in $398m worldwide. Less than half goes back to the studio. IMDb is a fan based reporting web site, updated by fans. Rotten Tomatoes is also fan based.

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