May 19 2024


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Adam Savage Builds Original Series Captain’s Chair

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In his “One Day Build” YouTube series, Adam Savage builds the original series’ Captain’s Chair.

The chair includes electronics to power lighted buttons and sound effects.

“Adam shares the story of his Star Trek Captain’s Chair, which he became obsessed with building from scratch after acquiring an insufficient replica. With the help of friend Jeremy Williams, Adam spends a day wiring in the electronics to bring his new Enterprise command chair to life. After much problem solving and troubleshooting, the effort pays off in a big way!”

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11 thoughts on “Adam Savage Builds Original Series Captain’s Chair

  1. Somebody sent me this not too long ago. Really cool. I appreciate all the little details and love put in. Now if it could control your TV and things in the house too…..

  2. I saw Insufficient Replica when they played New Orleans in ’96.

  3. The one Adam had was pretty awful looking; he said in the video that it came from eBay and was so awful he just had to

    You can see in the first couple minutes of the video it’s just not right at all.

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