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Asteroid Named After Nimoy

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An asteroid that is in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter has been named for Leonard Nimoy.

The asteroid, discovered in 1988 was formerly designated as 1988 RA5.

Discovered by Belgian Astronomer Henri Debehogne on September 2, 1988, 1988 RA5 is now 4864 Nimoy. The asteroid, roughly six miles (10 km) across, orbits the sun once every 3.9 years.

It turns out though, that there is another asteroid which bears the designation of 2309 Mr. Spock. Discovered by James Gibson in 1971, it was named for Gibson’s pet cat, who was named after Star Trek‘s Mr. Spock. Gibson described the cat as also being imperturbable, logical, intelligent, and with pointed ears.

For those interested in seeing 4864 Nimoy, a fourteen-inch or larger telescope is needed. In mid-July, 4864 Nimoy will brighten to magnitude 15.

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