July 22 2024


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Shatner: Better Late Than Never

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William Shatner will join four other men in the NBC adventure series Better Late Than Never.

Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw, George Foreman, and Jeff Dye will also star in the series, which will feature hour-length episodes.

Billed as an “alternative comedy project,” the five men will “travel together to Asia in search of intimate, life-changing experiences.

“With no assistants and no limos, the quintet must deal with all the unexpected twists and turns that come with any trip while also communicating with the locals, immersing themselves in local traditions and enjoying exotic food. As they check off items on their bucket lists, the men will also rely on each other for support, encouragement and friendship.”

The men will travel to Asia; stopping in Tokyo, Kyoto, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Chang Mai.

Better Late Than Never begins production in August.

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11 thoughts on “Shatner: Better Late Than Never

  1. Good cast. Sounds interesting. Almost like Anthony Bourdaine’s show on crack.

  2. Shatner seems hell-bent NOT to die of natural causes. That’s a good way to live.

  3. Shatner seems like an unstoppable force of nature! 🙂 I only wish Mr. Nimoy had had some of that health and energy…

  4. > With no assistants and no limos

    …yet at all times surrounded by at least 4 cameras that follow them everywhere.

    Yeah, that’s my problem with any show whose whole premise is based around throwing people in some sort of supposedly impromptu situation.

    I mean, good for Shatner for getting a free trip out of this. But don’t bullshit me.

  5. Well, that’s disappointing. When I saw this billed as an “adventure series” I was hoping it involved Shatner judo-chopping the shit out of his co-stars.

  6. When Shatner fall off his perch, it will be very sudden and no one will have seen it coming. As you say, he’s far more likely to die in an accident than of natural causes or illness. At 80 plus what whatever he is now, you gotta give the guy massive kudos, although it’s not yet been disproved that Shatner has undergone Vorta type cloning.

  7. Or TJ Hookering their car hoods. Well, hopefully it will happen in later episodes.

  8. Hm. Kang thought this was a comedy series, as in playing parts. Oh well. Kang will now wear the hat of ass.

  9. If Mr. Nimoy hadn’t smoked when he was younger, he’d still be here.

    This show sounds bogus, and I won’t be watching.

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