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Star Trek Beyond

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It looks like Star Trek Beyond is the official title of the third rebooted Star Trek movie.

Rumors of the name have been floating around the Internet for weeks.

Director Justin Lin tweeted a picture of a Starfleet patch as well as mentioning the name in the tweet.

“Let the next Starfleet voyage begin!” said Lin, adding the hashtags #StarTrekBeyond and #LLAP.

Click photo for larger image of the Starfleet patch.






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14 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond

  1. I hope Mr. Lin uses social media regarding this movie the same way Bryan Singer (someone who I’d love to see make a Trek movie, BTW, hopefully after this next X-Men) has used it for the X-Men movies!

  2. Cool. I dig how it looks reminiscent of Enterprise. The shade of blue, the piping, the rugged and utilitarian style… That’s probably as close to a reference as we will get to the ONLY previous Star Trek stories to exist in this new reality. Considering every other show, including the original, is incompatible with the new universe, while Enterprise remains historically true for both universes, I’d like a less subtle echo of it. Great to see Archer’s ship in the last movie, as well as the warp 2 ship, (and bizzare to hear about Admiral Archer’s beagle in the previous film). I’m realistic, and I know that no overt connection will be made between the new film franchise and an under appreciated show, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that that era be honored or referenced in a manner that fans will find cool. I doubt it will happen, but it should.

  3. The patch looks good. Kang appreciates that there is no lens flare.

  4. Kang does not believe Enterprise is compatible with/in the same timeline as TOS; however it is clearly in the timeline for JJTrek.
    Withhold that rotten vegetation momentarily and hear Kang out. The TOS timeline is clearly buggered up down sideways and three ways from Sunday from repeated tinkering, tampering, and half-assed repairs. Kang submits that what was known about the past in 2266 is now greatly and probably irrevocably changed. This in spite of (or is it because of?) the various timeline police/temporal prime directives/bullshit-of-the-week. Everyone and their beagle can and probably has travelled in time and screwed with history in manners great and small, and Kang submits that only so many bandaids will be effective before that ruptured aorta lets go.
    As Kang sees it, First Contact was a major point of divergence. The “assistance” and “rectification” provided by the Enterprise crew introduced different technology, and some rather significant amounts of information due to the massive amounts of contact the crew had not only with Cochrane, but with all the locals in that area. This now-altered timeline clearly led straight to Enterprise– but it very likely does not lead to TOS as we know it.
    In short, Kang submits that Enterprise already lead to a different timeline. TOS either exists in a different timeline, or was already wiped out even before the Orcipocalypse. Kang prefers to think that TOS/Next Generation/DS9/Voyager do still exist, and perhaps Federation temporal theorists don’t know half as much about how time works in their universe as they think they do. (Evidence: Having freaking temporal agents, ships, directives and whatnot in the FIRST place.)
    And do NOT bring up These Are The Voyages with Kang. It is clearly a hallucination brought on by Riker’s love of fatty foods and ED remedies.

  5. I’ll buy that, but I do think the mirror-Enterprise crew – especially Empress Sato – are truly responsible for unleashing the Orciverse and not that Picard-clone’s bastard step-brother, Nero. That’s why the Grand Canyon is now in Iowa, Starfleet is reduced to building starships in the middle of cornfields instead of spacedocks, and warp engines are now based on Budweiser technology.

  6. Wow. A patch. In a galaxy where you can beam across the Federation and beyond, is there really a need for a cloth patch?

  7. More so than a need for more negativity. The patch looks cool at least.

  8. Hey Kang! Hope you get this even though it’s been weeks. You bring up some excellent points, and I’m pretty sure 24th century ED is no laughing matter. However, what you’ve really done is shine a spotlight on a huge heaping can of gagh. (Try it, you’ll like it!). The “truth” is that really almost every time travel story Trek has ever told should be seen as irrevocable change, however good or bad. If anything that can happen does happen in some alternate dimension, than there is no loss of legitimacy between parallel realities, (only between writers). So while each of these series did “happen”, they all stepped over the line and left their reality or altered their own past, leaving their original universe behind forever. This would suggest that the ongoing history of Trek future is merely the most cohesively connected reality in which every one of these timeline trampling incidents occurred and was part of THIS timeline. (All except the new films). What I mean by this is that you are right to question which stories can really be connected logically, but you can’t stop once you go down that road. We are meant to accept the collective history of THIS timeline, in which history tells us we have bumbled and trapsed all over the parallel lines many times over the centuries. Therefor we are meant to feel that all but the last two stories are consistent and share history, even if that doesn’t really add up (as you pointed out so very Kangly). Complicating this more than even the JJverse is the fact that Trek has never dealt consistently with the nature of time travel. In some cases it seems to be predestined, in other cases it seems to be a standalone fluke. Sometimes everyone involved remembers all of it, and other times some or all characters have no knowledge whatsoever. These discrepancies fit different theories and fictional preferences. I am inclined to agree with Stephen Hawking, who feels that we can perhaps go back in time to kill an ancestor without fear, because that is a parallel version of an ancestor, whose death will in no way erase your own life.

    In defense of the creative vision of the JJ team, there is a really cool scientific theory at play in the creation/discovery of the new reality. Although the nature of all things is to fall into disarray, a process called entropy, there is reason to believe that in examining parallel realities we might find reverse entropy. In one universe I may have missed a job interview, but that doesn’t mean I won’t take a liking to music and fall in love with my neighbor. Which is to say, despite random elements and minute changes, much will likely be the same, and you can literally (maybe) map out the convergences that occur between realities rather than just the divergences. in other words, the similar but different reality of new Trek is a legitimately modern expression of a plausible scientific idea….even if you think it sucked. (As a fan, it’s hard not to be disappointed by ANY of the movies to some degree, because they are so mainstream and action oriented, but the last two had some elements I liked for sure.)

    There is also a theory that this is all fiction, but don’t let that slow your mind down.
    Hopefully somebody read this, if not Kang. Kodos, perhaps, or Kor?…

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