July 23 2024


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Trek 3 Vancouver Filming

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Today is the day that Star Trek 3 (possibly titled Star Trek Beyond) begins filming.

The first filming location is at Squamish Boulders.

A public notice was posted at the park describing the filming of Star Trek 3, which is not listed under its real name, but under the code name Washington. “Centre Forward Productions will be filming scenes from the Paramount feature film “Washington” on the above weekday dates.” (June 25-26, June 29-30)

“Filming over the first three days will take place in and around the Kacodemon Boulder and Cave Boulder. The last day of filming will be just south of the Black Dyke Boulder.”

There’s already a bit of controversy though, as supposedly some trees have been cut down and boulders spray painted during the pre-production phase of the film, and this cutting and painting has angered some residents. The British Columbia Parks staff is “investigating these allegations of environmental damage.”

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12 thoughts on “Trek 3 Vancouver Filming

  1. SPOCK: So here we are on planet Boulder, where the chief topographical feature is … boulders.
    KIRK : Astounding!

  2. HAH – ! Reminds me of that old Tom Baker/4rth Doctor episode where the TARDIS lands on a planet, the Doctor activates the view screen (which shows only a wall of rock and boulders), and he excitedly says, “Oh, look – ! Rocks!” Then disgustedly closes the screen again.

    Seriously, though, Squamish is approximately halfway between Vancouver and Whistler. British Columbia is spectacularly beautiful. My partner’s parents own a timeshare up in Whistler for the middle 2 weeks of July, and I’ve been fortunate to go there a few times. It’s literally a pristine paradise on earth. Majestic mountains covered in towering dense, green, forests, crystal-clear lakes, streams, and thundering waterfalls. And as you drive northward along Route 99, you’ve got bald eagles soaring along your car to the right and orcas sounding in the water off to your left. If you ever have an opportunity to go, do so. It’s gorgeous up there.

  3. I kind of want to go down there and see if I can be an extra! Last time I was in Squamish was over 5 years ago – my sister and I hiked up to a waterfall.

  4. I love that moment from Doctor Who! Don’t know about the rest of the episode, but those few seconds are classic!

  5. Too funny, since I’m scheduled to start online classes with a film/game art school in Vancouver soon.

    I kind of wonder if any of the students who went to this school are working on the film.

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