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Diamond Select Toys At Comic-Con

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The Diamond Select Toys booth at the San Diego Comic-Con featured a new PVC statue plus some reissues of popular figures and a USS Enterprise Bridge Set.

The new figure is the second in the Star Trek Femme Fatale statue series.

Deanna Troi is the second in the PVC statue series, following the first release which featured Seven of Nine. Troi is wearing the teal mini-dress from the pilot episode of The Next Generation.

The reissues include the Mego-style retro cloth action figures. On display at the Diamond Select Toys booth were Captain Pike, Uhura, Sulu, the Mugato, and the Salt Vampire. It is expected that others will also be re-released and the packaging for the above figures shows a Cheron (Bele by the coloration), Scotty, The Keeper, Vina, and Nurse Chapel.

Also to be re-released will be the Star Trek USS Enterprise Action Playset, which also includes a transporter area.

More Diamond Select Toys at Comic-Con can be seen here.

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6 thoughts on “Diamond Select Toys At Comic-Con

  1. News on a premier trek fan site and you don’t know the ‘minidress’ was called a skant.

  2. Luckily there will always be nitpicky commenters to correct the trivial mistakes. You’ve done a great service to us all!

  3. To me, the “skant” was the *male* version and I was referring to a female’s uniform. Besides, I grew up in the era of mini-dresses, wore ’em, and you know what, Troi was wearing a mini-dress. I don’t give two damns if they called it a skant to be cutesy or what the hell ever, for a female it’s a mini-dress!

    Jeez, picky people drive me mad. Don’t like my news, go read elsewhere. Life’s too short to deal with people who could have populated the “Get a life!” Shatner skit. It’s a damned mini-dress, sport.

  4. Shatner was right…..and God forbid I call a mini-dress some silly-ass term made up so that a male could wear a mini-dress (thankfully dropped eventually).

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