April 24 2024


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Official Starships Collection Shuttlecraft Set

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The Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection shuttlecraft set has arrived in the UK.

Included in the set are the TOS-era Galileo, TNG type 6 Goddard (Enterprise-D,) DS9 type 10 Chaffee (Defiant) and a Voyager type 9 Cochrane.

Each ship comes with a magazine, and a stand, plus four brand-new Okudagrams, printed on plastic sheets, are included.

The ships will sell for £75 in the UK, although there is a promo code for subscribers that will knock off £20 of that price.

Eventually, the collection will be offered in the US too.

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4 thoughts on “Official Starships Collection Shuttlecraft Set

  1. The shuttlecraft set should be available from the American web shop by mid November. The shuttles are nice, but they are smaller than the starships (under half the length of the Runabout model I believe) but are simply too expensive. n n I hope the shuttles are reissued later on as four individual releases, produced in larger numbers and wider distribution. The Galileo and Goddard could be renamed and numbered as the Columbus and Justman. The Ocudagrams could be omitted in such a wider release, making the individual shuttles cheaper to buy. Changes like these would also maintain the exclusivity of the box set to those who can afford it.

  2. Thats too high. I get their collection but will skip this one probably. I am still waiting on my Borg cube I was promised like a year ago. I wish they would let you pick and choose what you wanted. Their website needs retooled bad.

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