June 15 2024


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Star Trek Online Ship Design Winner

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The results are in, and one of the eight Star Trek Online ships put up for a vote has been chosen.

Voting for the eight ships opened around a month ago, and the designs up for a vote were shown here.

The Omega design was chosen as the winner, and “over the next month,” said a Star Trek Online representative, “players will be able to watch the Omega design come to life as our Corps of Engineers begin to build and model our carrier. We will continue to update our blogs with progress updates, so that our community can be a part of the entire ship-building process from start to finish.”

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7 thoughts on “Star Trek Online Ship Design Winner

  1. That’s pretty cool, I’ve always meant to try STO.. Maybe I’ll finally make the leap.

  2. As an interested Mac user, I’d like to know what you are referring to. Is it glitchy, or busted or what? Sounds ominous…

  3. Even after updates to the game and Steam and finally a brand new computer, I’ve never gotten it to avoid freezing or unexpectedly quitting within 30 minutes of gameplay. It’s buggy as heck.

  4. FWIW, my wife and I play all the time on Macs. I’m running OSX 10.9 on a mid-2010 MBP with 8GB of RAM, and she’s running 10.8 on a 2009 iMac with 4GB. Neither of us have any problems.

  5. Thanks, Shikarnov. I don’t know what all that means, but it gives me some info to work with. Maybe I’ll see you, you know, out there…

  6. Bummer! As you can see, others have had more luck. I will experiment with limited expectations. I Appreciate the harsh lowdown. Good luck.

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