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New Trek TV Series In The Works!

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Star Trek will be back on TV in January 2017!

Alex Kurtzman is developing a new Star Trek series with CBS Television Studios.

A special preview of the new Trek series will debut on the CBS Television Network, and then the premiere episode and other first-run episodes will be shown in the U.S. on CBS All Access, CBS‘s on-demand and live-streaming service.

“The new program will be the first original series developed specifically for U.S. audiences for CBS All Access, a cross-platform streaming service that brings viewers thousands of episodes from CBS‘s current and past seasons on demand, plus the ability to stream their local CBS Television station live for $5.99 per month. CBS All Access already offers every episode of all previous Star Trek television series.

The new show will also be “concurrently for television and multiple platforms around the world by CBS Studios International.”

“The brand-new Star Trek will introduce new characters seeking imaginative new worlds and new civilizations, while exploring the dramatic contemporary themes that have been a signature of the franchise since its inception in 1966.”

Kurtzman and Heather Kadin will be executive producers, and the show will be produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout.

“There is no better time to give Star Trek fans a new series than on the heels of the original show’s fiftieth anniversary celebration,” said David Stapf, President, CBS Television Studios. “Everyone here has great respect for this storied franchise, and we’re excited to launch its next television chapter in the creative mind and skilled hands of Alex Kurtzman, someone who knows this world and its audience intimately.”

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122 thoughts on “New Trek TV Series In The Works!

  1. Nope. Behr gave Moore the creative release to make DS9 what it was…he gets credit for that.

  2. Amazing how many people don’t realise Star Trek has always been a liberal show, made by liberals.

  3. Nah. It’s just Trek. He was just cashing paychecks, not creating a universe. Nobody is going to call the next film or the tv series “JJ” anything.

  4. Fair to have any preference you like, but there are good reasons why many who enjoy all the shows like DS9 best, myself included. Unlike every other trek, no problems were ever left in the rear view mirror at the end of any episode. Each species, character, planet, ship and issue was still a part of the ongoing story, at least potentially. The result of this, among other things, was that DS9 had a huge secondary cast of characters to draw upon that were more interesting than most showsu2019 primary casts.nnThe history of the show always mattered, and there was every reason to believe that any episode could have a huge impact on the future, instead of being instantly forgotten forever the way other shows like to do. The densely investigated issues that arise from not being able to avoid consequences by simply putting some light years behind the crew made every other Trek series look simplistic and not as bold as they purported to be. Iu2019ve liked every series to some extent, but DS9 set standards and evolved concepts in ways that the others could not do, and rarely even attempted. It is the least Roddenberry by far, and the most contiguous by far, crammed with ramifications and familiar contexts for evolving storylines. It was moody, dark, morally grey at times, and full of excellent characters. Too bad we never got a movie, since it evolved largely due to the lack of restrictive input from Berman, who was busy with the fundamentally mishandled Voyager…. But I digress.

  5. I’ve just gotta point out, that for all the credit due to Roddenberry for his ideas, (and Lucas for his), Star Trek and Star Wars got a hell of a lot better when the creators went away. DS9 is the pinnacle of trek in my opinion, and it clearly would have never existed under Gene’s guidance. By your logic we might have expected the Star Wars prequels to be the best films to date, and ep. 7 a total disaster, but the opposite appears more likely. Gene birthed TNG, a clunky, lopsided, sterile show with the potential to be great…and as the show left his influence behind it got much better. Still, Gene had to literally die before we could have a Star Trek story where people don’t always get along. Something to consider when pondering who best to run the franchise…

  6. !Fellow Trekkies! Hear me! With all this talk of what the show might be or should be (or better not be), nobody is discussing what it actually has any chance of being! We could narrow it down a lot, I think with a little logic. The odds of them making a show that is clearly at odds with the new movies seems low. Therefor we either get a show that works hand in hand with the films, such as one that follows another ship in the same era, or we dodge the issue completely by setting it in another time. Fans will know and care about whether the new time is consistent with one universe or the other, but most people won’t. By setting it in the future of Picard’s show, for example, they can use the history, technology, and most of all characters of that era. On the other hand, a show set before the birth of Kirk could be historically accurate to both universes, the way Enterprise is the only show that tells stories which are true in both.nnBotha Captain Riker/Titan show and a Captain Worf show have been proposed, and while I doubt either is the template for this new series, it’s interesting to note that they could easily capitalize on those notions in the context of another late TNG era show. An interesting twist to this is that while these characters are not the future of new Kirk, they are in a very real sense the history of new Kirk. The events that caused his tangential life happened AFTER Nemesis, about a hundred years in the future of a timeline he will never catch up to. We can pick up with the aftermath of the disastrous loss of Romulus, (presumably Remus), and Spock. Recurring guest roles for old favorites would seem obligatory, and please the fans. Despite this, I expect less concern for old fans, and more concern for building synergy with the new films and young fans. There was talk of turning the movie cast into a tv show, but I think it would appear to be a downgrade, ironically, and so they probably never seriously considered it.nnI don’t believe it will be a prequel, because too many people will say that it was tried and failed already. (Enterprise got great in season 4, but people don’t know that because they weren’t watching it). So the question becomes will it be concurrent with new Kirk? If not, then I expect it will either return to the era we know best and lean heavily on the resources and fandom that affords, or it will leave it all behind and skip another century or so. I for one would love to have it continue the legacy that began with TNG, picking guest stars or even primary cast members from the past shows. Many characters are ripe for new tales, and could star in a new trek. They won’t risk giving the impression that it’s not a very new show, but they could still use some old characters. Even if they were unwilling to have anything less than a brand new captain, they still might cherry pick someone like the Doctor to join the cast. Sadly, much like the films, the priority is money, and most of that doesn’t come from Trekkies. Therefor I rather doubt the sort of fan service I am suggesting. More likely would be a totally new cast and ship, set in another era. If the show were set on a ship in Kirk’s time, everyone would be saying “I want to know what the Enterprise is doing! Why are we with the B crew?”nnSo, aside from what we might want, what might we actually get, I wonder?

  7. I know that Michael Dorn has been sweating the powers to he’s nutsacks, pushing for a Captain Worf show. As is Jonathsn Frakes, whose been tonguing JJ’s sack for any kind of involvement.

  8. I disagree with your opinion about 60s shows compared to the garbage on TV today. I’m only 30 but most of my top TV shows of all-time are from the 60s with TOS being at the very top. Today’s TV is nonstop sex, uneven acting, and creator’s trying to shove their political views down the audience’s throat no matter the context of the show. Shows back then had a classic feel and look to them. I think the acting back then was far superior compared to the young actors of today and the shows had a fun adventurous feel to them that is sorely lacking in this era of grim gritty realistic angst ridden nonsense.

  9. I can’t believe some of you supposed Star Trek fans on here who aren’t thrilled with this announcement! As long as it’s in the main timeline and not the JJ rebooted universe/timeline garbage it should be all good. I support all Trek. Even tough I despise the JJ movies I still went to the theatres to see them and give my support. I absolutely adore all the main timeline shows and movies even though a lot of Trek fans pick and choose which shows they like and don’t like. Star Trek fans are very a fickle bunch compared to fans of other franchises it really surprises me.

  10. A new tv show delivery system with a Trek show as its centerpiece? This is bound for UPN level success.

  11. And if this was 1969 you’d be whining about an interracial kiss. Get over yourself, bigot.

  12. And the entire crew will sit around sipping lattes and looking at their I tricorders, then overwork the replicators demanding free stuff

  13. I’d like to modify my original comment Trek has infact dealt with gender Identity before (In TNG’s: The Outcast)

  14. Nah, I was referring to the fans, but I have an inkling you knew that perfectly well!nnI’m not up to speed on Mr. Shatner’s current and/or historic opinions reference any iteration of the franchise outside of TOS.

  15. It’s funny you mention “Hawaii Five-O” because I have only seen one scene, ever, and it was one of the reasons I said what I said above–as a way of introducing her character to the audience, Grace Park strides out of the surf and decks the (larger) guy who cut her off while they were on boards, saying “you never do that”. The message was clear–“my, what a tough, strong woman; don’t you think women are strong and heroic, like this tough, strong woman?”nnnA woman who in the real world would have been arrested for assault and battery. Or had her rear-end kicked. Or both. Suspension of disbelief…suspended. nnnLike I said, “NuTrek” is probably just going to be fake heroics by guys making blatant and obvious mistakes, and in its own way is most likely just going to be incredibly formulaic, designed to make the newest generation of Party members fully support the “cause”, whatever it may be, and feel themselves part of an elite (‘the wise”). I don’t think Kurtzman and Orci (should he be involved) are able to make a story just to entertain; they are doing social engineering by other means.nnnI’m predicting more “West Wing to the Stars” than “Wagon Train to the Stars”

  16. What I admire most about this age is the reluctance to demonize one’s cultural foes just because it may help you “win” an argument. Really, the Era of Good Feelings, an age of restraint. We can all rejoice. .

  17. It’s amazing how many people don’t realize the term, “Liberal” is constantly shifting.nnThe Founding Fathers of the United States were Liberals; today they would be considered hardcore libertarians.nnLesson: 1960’s Liberal != 2015 Liberal

  18. What I admire most about this age is the reluctance to demonize one’s ncultural foes just because it may help you “win” an argument. Really, nthe Era of Good Feelings, an age of restraint. We can all rejoice. .

  19. DS9 is a good show, not really about going where no one has gone before. It’s not wrong to like or not like it; I just prefer Star Trek when it involves exploration. Have to respectfully disagree about Gene Roddenberry not creating a show where people don’t get along; Kirk, Spock and McCoy frequently bashed heads in TOS, that’s what made it interesting. Spock and McCoy constantly disagreed about humanity, and Kirk and Spock debated logic and emotion. TOS did have character conflict. It’s an unpopular view, but I always thought TNG was better in its first three years; they had some good shows; Measure of a Man, Arsenal of Freedom; Q-Who; always thought the show became a soap opera in later years — just about every character had their blood relatives show up — down to Riker’s transporter clone. Still a great show, though. I’m not going to judge this new show, should it happen the way it’s envisioned, before it opens, but I very much doubt it will have even a fraction of the success of a TOS or TNG. But I could be wrong. End rant.

  20. Weak beta male on a star trek comment thread brings up “getting laid” as an ad hominem attack… You can’t make this stuff up.

  21. You are the exact type of human garbage that Gene sought to eradicate from society. That’s a shame.

  22. Where did you get that bullshit from? Most of the people on board a starship or at a starbase will be in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s & 50’s like most military personnel here on Earth in this century. They’re not doing a Starfleet Academy show, most likely (and what is it with all of the bashing of young people by fans like you, anyway? Are you pissed off at them due to being middle aged, or what?)

  23. Hopefully the forum on it won’t be moderated by that horrible bully M’Sharak — easily the worst moderator i’ve seen in 20 years of online interaction. The guy is pure poison.

  24. Instead you constantly bitch at other people with opinions to come off smug and somehow superior. Well you failed at that one. Nobody is going to give you a prize for attaining Total Franchise Quality Equivalency.

  25. I hope that it will be, and I also hope that said moderation quashes any nonsense started by anybody.

  26. I guess the “Abramsverse” is in the dumpster gathering flies and old news. It’ll be nice to move on.

  27. You are what happens when a diseased farm animal gives birth. Too bad it wasn’t slaughtered first.

  28. Haven’t indulged in this BBS for years but wanted to see what the thoughts were on Trek TV. I’d give it a chance, but I don’t subscribe to any of the streaming services other than Netflix. Hulu: I feel like I’d be “double paying” for shows I forgot to set my DVR for. My dilemma is waiting the 9 to 12 for DVD when it’s TREK for pete’s sake! I HAVE to try it. Even though TNG got boring after 5 years, I made it thru DS9 and Voyager for the first 2 and Enterprise for 1. I’m willing to give them all a shot.nThis must be a new generation of people, because for all the praise I see for DS9, TNG, etc, there used to be a ton of people in here who spent post after post complaining about B&B and the forehead of the week! I guess all becomes “classic” with age?

  29. That’s the problem, though. Most people do not believe this show will take place in the “Prime Universe”, and so far CBS has given no indication other than to say it won’t be a direct spin-off of the movies. Purposefully vague wording, which lends to the popular belief we are starring down JJTrek TNG.

  30. Well if it isn’t in the prime universe, all bets are off and whatever people want to do would be understandable. Right now at this point in time though I feel Trekkie should be riding a wave of optimism with this news. I’ve heard from some that Paramount owns the rights to the movies and CBS the TV shows. If that’s true I don’t see how it could be in the JJverse. Kurtzman has a huge opportunity to become a beloved figure in Trek lore by bringing Trek back to its main universe and canon. Here’s hoping he does the right and logical thing.

  31. Nor did I ask for one. Constantly bitch? I’ve commented on this forum a total of two times., about things that I believe in. How about you? And I don’t think anyone is giving you a prize for much of anything except for being a cranky old guy. I can print out a prize for you if you’d like? LOL!

  32. “there are good reasons why many who enjoy all the shows like DS9 best, myself included.”nnAnd there are better reason why empirical data beats anecdotal observation, every time.nnhttps://www.surveymonkey.com/sr.aspx?sm=1QLFfDJixoDwAta3PJ9VEskHBrcxsSM4RSMCfQRW2Bo_3d

  33. Contrary to popular belief, being middle aged is pretty bad ass. You’ve lived life long and hard enough to accept all its kinks and curves, you still have your health if you’ve looked after it, money probably isn’t a worry, if you’re smart (as in college smart) you’re at peak intelligence and that intelligence is augmented by knowledge and experience.The only people who look down on the middle aged are young people, and they basically know nothing, so we don’t give a f*** what they think. nnnSo, no – FYI you have nothing for us to be jealous of.

  34. I never said it wasn’t great (I’m 47 myself), but I detest all this blasting of younger people, and the cast of the two current Star Trek movies-they are all in their 30’s and 40’s, not really young people anymore. And I also detest your blasting any of the audience for the two movies and this TV show as well-it doesn’t sound very ‘Star Trek’ of you to be like that.nnn

    ‘Come come, Mr. Scott-young minds, fresh ideas. Be tolerant.’

  35. …yeah, I was excited …until I saw kurtzman. =(nn…this REALLY SUCKS (only boborci would be worse)

  36. They’re not going back to the ‘prime’ universe (it’s no longer popular anyway), but setting the new show in the 23rd century of the JJ-verse, on a different ship with different characters.

  37. No, it’s not-it just might succeed, since it won’t have to be on a network like CBS where it would fail.

  38. Kurtzman is still writing it/involved with it, and it will be set in the JJ-verse. Tough luck for those that hate that ‘verse.

  39. Cranky much, grandfather? Watching way too much Fox News for you own good there, I think.nnnYour homophobic, racist, and sexist attitude doesn’t jibe with what Roddenberry envisioned Star Trek to be.

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