July 16 2024


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Quinto: World AIDS Day Is Important

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Zachary Quinto is featured on the December issue of Attitude, which is dedicated to World AIDS Day.

World AIDS Day, first held in 1988, takes place December 1st each year, and is “an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died.”

Quinto was interviewed for the magazine, and he explained that World AIDS Day is “utterly essential…not just in making the advancement, progress and fight against the diseases, but also cultivating knowledge and awareness of it for people all over the world.

The actor has done his best to be a role model since coming out, and has had several closeted gay stars come to him for advice on coming out themselves. “I just share my experience,” he said, “and say ‘this is how it went down for me; this is how I feel.’ I tell them, ‘trust that even if it means you’re not as famous, or even if it means it’s not exactly what you thought it would be, it’s still more valuable when you’re assessing your life at the end of that.'”

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3 thoughts on “Quinto: World AIDS Day Is Important

  1. “Trust that even if it means youu2019re not as famous, or even if it means itu2019s not exactly what you thought it would be, itu2019s still more valuable when youu2019re assessing your life at the end of that.”nnI’m so glad the new Spock is not just an excellent actor u2014 though of course he IS an excellent actor u2014 but he’s also brave and wise in the ways that I’d want Spock to be.

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