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Sirtis: 5th Passenger Nerves

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Working on a crowdfunded project made Marina Sirtis a little uncomfortable.

Sirtis had signed on for 5th Passenger, the story of five people fleeing Earth after the Yellowstone Caldera volcano erupts in 2151.

“It was the first thing I’ve ever done that was crowdfunded,” said Sirtis. “I was a little bit nervous about that, if I’m being honest. I suppose it’s the English part of me. I don’t know what it is. It doesn’t sit well with me to ask people for money. It just doesn’t.

“But they came to me about 5th Passenger and said, ‘Would you be in our movie?’ I said, ‘Well, let me see a script.’ I read it and said, ‘Yes, I will be in your movie.’ They used my name and other names of people who’d agreed to be in it to help raise the money, or some of the money. And they were able to make it.

“But these people, these kids, they really knew what they were doing. They had it down. They were organized. They had a schedule. It was so professional…They’ve pulled off something that I thought was just impossible.”

Sirtis joined other Trek actors in 5th Passenger including Tim Russ, Armin Shimerman and Manu Intiraymi. The original financial goal was met, and the production is now raising funds for visual effects. To learn more and to donate, head to the link located here.

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