May 19 2024


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Borg Cube Part II

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ThinkGeek is offering another Borg-themed item this holiday season.

The Star Trek Borg Cube Glowing Chair functions as a chair, footstool or a mood light.

If used as a chair, the Star Trek Borg Cube Glowing Chair holds up to 190 lbs. The Borg Cube Glowing Chair comes with a remote control and it has sixteen different colors, not just the expected green. There are four different modes; flash, strobe, fade, and smooth.

The Star Trek Borg Cube Glowing Chair is made of polyethylene and uses a built-in rechargeable lithium battery (2200mAh) and the remote uses a CR2025 (which is included).

The Star Trek Borg Cube Glowing Chair weights nine pounds and is a fifteen-and-a-half inch cube, and sells for $199.99. The cube can be ordered here.

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3 thoughts on “Borg Cube Part II

  1. I think the Borg mini fridge looks better. Having the whole thing light up doesn’t really look like a org ship. The fridge has little green bits that glow, more like the “real” thing.

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  3. Think different. Distribution of Borg themed products needs to be negotiated with IKEA to widen the production range.

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