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Star Trek Beyond Trailer Debuts

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The first trailer for next summer’s Star Trek Beyond has arrived!

The movie promises lots of action, crewmembers in peril, aliens and more music from the Beastie Boys.

The trailer is below. Enjoy watching it multiple times (with pauses to pick out various elements of course).

Star Trek Beyond releases July 22, 2016.

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  1. Of course we would. That would be another mistake worthy of criticism. And by the way, that’s what forums are for: sharing our thoughts. Not sure how you stumbled into the wrong one, but kindly piss off. We are having a perfectly friendly conversation here and nobody dragged you into it to hear broad insults. PS you suck.

  2. So now I’m properly chastised, and put in my place. We can’t all be as cool and well adjusted as this tool.

  3. I will refrain from assuming that this film will be a disappointing and inappropriate mess, though it certainly appears that way right now. Could a good trek film contain all these scenes? Maybe. nnWhat strikes me, aside from the general lack of intrinsically trek stuff, is how utterly unnecessary it all looks. Much like Insurrection, it may entertain, and it would probably be a fun episode, but as the only trek for years it looks far from essential. I was expecting Something of obvious import to the franchise. Not necessarily a glimpse of ShatKirk or Picard, but some indication that this film was aiming to be more than “the next film.” Despite my high hopes, after having seen the trailer, I find that I have never been less thrilled by a trek preview.nnObviously the preview has a purpose, but that may not be far off the mark for the whole film. Every trek film has been aimed at an audience much larger than the Trekkie population. They spend too much money to have US be their priority. Action and comedy have always been a part of Star Trek, but in a series they are just ingredients. In this film they may be the defining elements. It a reminder that the best trek has always been the greatest episodes, and it’s a cause for optimism that a new show is in the works.nnThe Beastie Boys are now associated with three films in a row. One was debatably too many, butIF they are really in the movie then I will be annoyed. (The trailerMAY be misleading, despite mention of music, Kang). I don’t dislike them, nor do I hate Eddie Murphy, but I’m glad he wasn’t the “Richard Pryor in Superman” character in the scrapped version of Trek IV.nnKirk was established as a motorbike rider…but still, shouldn’t they be proving to us that this movie is nothing like Fast and Furious?nnDestroying the ship is so obligatory that I assumed it would happen. No Enterprise has been in more than 3 films, and it sets up excitement for the replacement. Maybe it will be cool anyway.nnIdris Elba looks good, but once again unremarkable, derivative, hyper-evil, and bent on the destruction of Earth, apparently. Ugg.nnThe preview badly needed a quite moment, but that “classic” Bones/Spock scene doesn’t count in my mind. Many are delighted by it, but I found it clunky. A simple, muttered “marvelous” would have been preferable and yet still pretty unremarkable. This duo may have the best scenes, but that didn’t look like one of them to me.nnThe dialogue in the trailer is pretty universally cliche and awful. We have heard these same weak lines of dialogue in lousy popcorn-movies for decades! “How are we gonna get out of This one?”, and of course the breathless tag line of coolness: “okay….let’s never do that again.” Painfully shallow and unoriginal, and hopefully not representative of the whole movie.nnThe whole preview literally makes more sense to me as a deliberate parody. It would make more sense if close ups revealed that the cast was all SNL sketch comedians, and the joke was that this would be a deeply uncalled for, high octane Trek film for all the non fans out there. Still, I hope it’s better than it looks, and it almost has to be…nnI wish us all luck, and look forward to a time when some great Trek is on tv, hopefully in 2017. Cheers, people. It’s nice to chat with (most of) you smart, friendly folks.

  4. Don’t know about “Amok Time”, but this one for “Arena” one wasn’t so bad ;-)nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWNkBD0BIA4

  5. This movie looks so ridiculous, if Shatner is not in it – that could be a good thing – to save him the embarrassment of being identified with such a monstrosity.

  6. Star Trek has always included comedy, from “The Trouble with Tribbles” to “I, Mudd” to “A Piece of the Action.” But I don’t like TVH because it’s funny (I much prefer serious Trek). I like TVH because the characters seem more themselves, more firmly in character — even with the funny bits — than they did in most of the other movies. And being set in the 80’s wasn’t that big a stretch, either, when you consider that “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” was set in the 60’s.nnBesides keeping the folks in character, what I really like about TVH was that it had no villain — or, if you prefer, that the villain was human selfishness and short-sightedness. The guys had to go back in time to pick up whales because we’d foolishly hunted them to extinction, and the environmental message in that felt a lot more Trekkian to me than having a Bad Guy. “The Devil in the Dark’s” villain was miscommunication and judging by appearances, and I’ve always thought it one of the best TOS episodes; TVH was in the same vein.nnSo, yeah, I’d say that TVH isn’t a departure at all; it’s perfectly in keeping with “The Devil in the Dark,” “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” and “A Piece of the Action.”

  7. Where do you FIND these things?nnI don’t get the relevance of the Mentos jingle to “Arena,” but it’s okay, I don’t have to understand. 🙂

  8. Sorry, guess I’ve just got too much free time but someone did actually remake a trailer for “Amok Time” – in a film noir style with a bit of K/S fanfic thrown in:nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yInbEN2yqIU

  9. With rather a LOT of K/S fanfic thrown in, I’d say. 🙂 But it does illustrate the point that with judicious cutting and splicing, one can say anything.

  10. Interesting, and well reasoned, Corylea. I still think that the setting and overly inclusive focus on comedy put TVH in a not-exactly-classic category, but not because I find any fault with your points.nnIt’s refreshing to have no big villain, (even if the Earth is once again in jeopardy), and it does leave welcome room for character work, but the crux of that movie’s quality for me is the hit and miss comedy. At its best, I totally agree with you about it. Much like late TNG eps and films exhibit a rapport between the actors that is obviously genuine, Trek IV loosened things up enough to feel comfortable with these people without spoofing or selling out entirely. No humor at the expense of the characters was as lame as some bits of Insurrection, like Worf bumping his head and having skin problems. On the other hand, I think they went too far at times, such as making Chekov such a bumbler. Also, while I truly appreciate when trek addresses socially relevant issues, the older I get the more glaringly unfortunate it is to have a “Save the Whales” movie with such thinly veiled rebukes.nnThose are cool episodes you mention, and I see your point about the similarities, but as for ANY movie capturing the essence of Star Trek as well as the best episodes can… I don’t think that has happened. Maybe First Contact is actually the closest in my mind to embodying both the large scale concepts and the basic “human” scale values such as friendship, loyalty, camaraderie, bravery and solidarity. If only they’d had a Horta cameo. It could have met the Borg in a hallway and melted:n”NonAssimn-ilaten I” ninto the carpet! ud83dude0bnnOddly enough, Devil in the Dark DID have a comedic interlude, albeit one that wasn’t broadcast. Filming proceeded without Shatner when he had a death in the family, (father, I think), and so when he returned they had to get him up to speed. Nimoy recreated his mind meld for the benefit of Shatner’s performance, entrenching himself in the emotion of his performance. “Pain!” He cried, squinting. To this Shatner responded, for the benefit of the tiptoeing crew “get this man some aspirin!” Tension was relieved and everybody laughed…except Nimoy.nnAnyway, good chat. Cheers!.

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