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Xindi Superweapon Joins Attack Wing Game

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WizKids has announced that a third big model, the Xindi Superweapon, will be released for their Star Trek Attack Wing game. The model is four inches in diameter.

The Xindi superweapon will be called Weapon Zero, and will make its debut in early 2016.

The Xindi were a race seen in Star Trek: Enterprise, who used their superweapon to attack the earth in 2153. In this attack, Commander Charles Tucker’s sister was killed. (Star Trek: Enterprise: The Expanse)

The Weapon Zero Premium figure includes fourteen cards, seven tokens and one maneuver dial.

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7 thoughts on “Xindi Superweapon Joins Attack Wing Game

  1. There was a xindi probe (tiny, semi-super weapon) that cut a swath across Florida and killed Samantha Tucker. The devastating “super weapon” of course never fired on Earth…except in an alternate timeline when old man Archer arrived in time to see Earth explode. Just thought I’d clarify.

  2. As much as I enjoyed the Xindi arc, I always felt Enterprise was trying too hard trying to be like ’24th century’ Trek. Especially in the earlier seasons. This show should’ve been completely different from the get-go IMO.

  3. I partly agree, and I’m a fan. I was enthused and optimistic at the start, but deeply disheartened when the second season began with no consequential, essential, bold new energy. Instead the show seemed ready to follow Voyager into the folly of complacent weekly efforts with no sense of progression. The third season was therefor a huge relief to me since it embraced relevant, connected stories. However it was clearly the fourth season, with its many arcs and frequent relevance to trek lore, that finally made the show what it needed to be. S4 is one of the finest seasons of trek ever, despite a few weak links. Too bad nobody was watching at that point!

  4. I think seasons 1 and 2 both had good episodes, but were dragged down by the weak ones that were also in the mix. The thing to do is be selective in your viewing!

  5. Totally agree. Even as season 2 filled me with dread and disappointment because it was full of stand –alone stories of no consequence or building sense of purpose, I knew I would like lots of the episodes more some day. I knew I could enjoy the for what they were once I was over what they weren’t. (After all, that’s how I feel about most of the movies). At the time though, Trek needed to prove that it had evolved since Voyager, and justify another series with relevance and excellence. It would be a few crucial years before that happened. If Enterprise had really hit the ground running and never told any complacently weak tales, maybe it would’ve gotten seven seasons or even some films. I would greatly prefer that outcome to what we got: 2 seasons of hit and miss, 1 season of bold originality, and one last excellent season that nobody was watching…followed by indefinite trek hibernation and then the obligatory and uninspired choice to reboot Kirk. I don’t hate the new films, but I much prefer we were addressing the Romulan war and birth of the federation with Archer than reinventing Kirk and Khan and company.nnAs for season one, I was really into it, and patient for it to find footing, but it didn’t help that they introduced time travel and the temporal Cold War. That mostly became a mystery with no answers. The shadowy man in the pilot whose identity we wondered about? If there was ever an interesting explaination for him, we didn’t hear it, despite seeing him repeatedly. Ever since Lost I am hyper-sensitive to writers who present mysteries which I strongly suspect have not been thought outand do not have answers.

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