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Star Trek Beyond And Beyond

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Fans are still wondering about the lack of a new trailer for Star Trek Beyond, but Anton Yelchin said don’t worry.

Meanwhile, Zachary Quinto claimed that the movie will be kind of a “retro tribute,” while Simon Pegg spoke about a fourth Star Trek movie.

Yelchin spoke briefly with CinemaBlend while promoting his latest movie, Green Room, and when asked about the lack of new footage for Star Trek Beyond said, “Everything is pretty secretive; but from what I understand, they’re moving forward and pressing to that release date, and I think people at the studio are happy with it and it’s coming out.”

“I’m sure [the delay] has as much to do with their plans and how exactly they want to release it and how they want to, you know…build tension and put it out. So, I wouldn’t take that as any kind of negative sign or anything. I think they’re just working on a particular kind of release plan.”

Zachary Quinto spoke about the movie too recently, saying that he believed that the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek has influenced the new movie. “There’s a retro kind of vibe to it,” he said. “At least, I felt that when we were making it. So, we’ll see how it turns out.”

Quinto also compared directors and explained how they were different. “I think Justin [Lin] brought his own vision to the story, for sure. I don’t think he was trying to do it like J.J. [Abrams], which is great. And they’re very different people; they’re very different directors.

“Both are enormously talented. J.J’s much more extrovert[ed]. Justin’s much more, sort of visually knows where he’s going with things and kind of keeps his distance a little bit, and I think he also came into a fully formed ensemble of people who’ve worked together and done some movies together. I loved working with him. He’s very respectful but very sure.”

And finally, Simon Pegg explained that Star Trek Beyond is not the closing act of a trilogy. “I feel like it’s another sort of installment in the story of Star Trek which has lasted for fifty years…It’s not like ‘Oh this is the completion of a trilogy,’ it’s a story of these people in different parts of their lives. They’ve gone off to do a specific mission, to explore the galaxy.

“Hopefully as long as everyone survives, or at least one or two people do, it will be a prelude to further exploration.”

Both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are signed for a potential fourth movie.

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