May 29 2024


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Trek Actors At For The Love Of Spock Debut

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Last night, some actors from different Star Trek series were at the Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of For the Love of Spock.

Leonard Nimoy‘s family was there, of course, as well as the current actor portraying Spock, Zachary Quinto. Deep Space Nine was well-represented with Terry Farrell, Rene Auberjonois, and Nana Visitor.

After the screening of the movie, Quinto, Adam Nimoy, For The Love of Spock Producer David Zappone, and Access Hollywood‘s Scott Manzt gathered for a Q&A panel.

Adam Nimoy spoke about his presence in the documentary. “My own story was bound up with [my father’s] story,” he said. “It was my stepmother Susan who said, ‘You need to include your story, your own journey. It’ll make it unique; your relationship with Spock and Nimoy.”

Quinto spoke of how “feeling embraced” by Nimoy impacted him. “It developed into a profound connection,” he said. “It became something more than playing a character.”

Quinto’s Spock is different than Nimoy’s Spock. “I think the humanity in my version is a bit more bubbling to the surface,” he said. “And that was a choice. We talked about the duality of the character. Leonard and I talked a lot about that.”

What would Nimoy think about his son’s documentary? “I think he would have been pleased and proud,” said Adam Nimoy. “My dad taught me a lot about directing and storytelling. I think we got to the essence of what we wanted to do.”

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