June 15 2024


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Trek-Themed Coins from The Canadian Mint

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A new collection of coins featuring Trek characters and scenes are available to order and pre-order beginning today.

The first coin, a ten dollar silver coin featuring Captain James T. Kirk was unveiled at the Canada Aviation And Space Museum in Ottawa by none other than William Shatner himself, along with Royal Canadian Mint CEO Sandra Hanington.


The Kirk coin is the first in a series of four coins, featuring colored engraving. The other three coins depict Scotty and a communicator (due out July 5), Uhura and a tricorder (due out August 2), and Spock and a phaser (due out September 6).

Each coin is 99.99% pure silver and retails for $54.95 CAD. 12,500 coins will be made of each design.


The Star Trek Enterprise $20 Fine Silver Coin is also available. This coin “features a colorful tribute [on the reverse side] to the USS Enterprise which recreates a scene from the 1968 episode I, Mudd.

This coin is also 99.99% pure silver and it retails For $109.95 CAD. 11,500 of these special Enterprise coins will be minted.


A series of three $20 fine silver coins will make their debut beginning August 2 with one featuring a scene from The City on the Edge of Forever. Other coins in this series will include Mirror Mirror (September 6) and The Trouble With Tribbles (October 4).

These one ounce silver coins will sell for $109.95 CAD and will be limited to a run of 11,500 each.


A special $200 pure gold coin featuring the Star Trek delta will make its debut on September 6. Made of 99.99% pure gold and shaped like a delta, only 1,500 of these coins will be minted. Expect to pay $1,299.95 CAD for this special coin.

Another coin featuring the Enterprise is the $20 Fine Silver Coin Star Trek Enterprise (shown above with the other Enterprise coin). Sold at face value, this quarter ounce silver coin “features the famed starship in attack mode, with her two phasers blasting into space.” 300,000 of these coins will be minted.


Finally, the 2016 25-Cent Colored Coin and Stamp Set will sell for $34.95 CAD and features a 25-cent face value nickel-plated steel collector coin, and three stamps. The stamps include Captain Kirk, the USS Enterprise, and a Klingon battle cruiser.

The obverses of all of the coins feature the “2003 effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Canadian artist Susanna Blunt.

The coins can be ordered or pre-ordered by phone (1-800-267-1871 Canada and 1-800-268-6468 US) or online here. They will also be available at the Royal Canadian Mint‘s boutiques in Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Vancouver; as well as at participating Canada Post outlets.

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