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The Star Trek Book Review

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The Book:

The Star Trek Book: Strange New World Boldly Explained is part of DK‘s “Big Ideas Simply Explained” series. This lushly-illustrated guide to Star Trek covers the franchise from Enterprise through the first two Kelvin Timeline movies.

Written by Paul Ruditis and Sandford Galden-Stone, The Star Trek book contains biographies on many of the characters seen throughout Star Trek; from crews on the Enterprise and Voyager, to aliens, to allies and enemies. The science of Star Trek is explained in a clear and concise manner.

After an introduction, the book is structured as follows:

  • Space, The Final Frontier. The Trek universes and the development of the Federation.
  • Starfleet. The organization, Academy, Section 31, Department of Temporal Investigations, starships and bios of the Trek characters from Jonathan Archer to Seven of Nine. The bios include notes when the character was also seen in the Kelvin Timeline.
  • Federation Allies and Enemies. Enemies major and minor and the Earth-Romulan War.
  • Science and Technology. From warp drive to weapons and transporters, the major technologies of Star Trek.
  • New Lives and New Civilizations. Aliens encountered along the way.
  • Glossary
  • TV Series. Listings from the original series through Enterprise. This includes The Animated Series.
  • Movie Releases. Star Trek: The Motion Picture through Star Trek Into Darkness.
  • Index

The Review:

The Star Trek Book is an ideal book for a new fan curious about the world of Star Trek and wondering what that strange-looking alien they saw on an episode is. Presented in an easy-to-read format with plenty of illustrations, it will quickly allow the new fan to get up-to-speed on Star Trek without being buried or overwhelmed by the large amount of information that five live series, one animated series and thirteen movies brings.

For established fans, The Star Trek Book is a quick refresher when one can’t remember Kirk’s age or the name of that pesky race in Voyager. On my part, it was enjoyable to read everything and revisit my favorite sci-fi world. I loved the photos accompanying the text and it was an easy read. DK always excels in explaining things simply.

Young fans from elementary age on up will find The Star Trek Book to be an easy entrée into the world of Star Trek.

Grade: A

The Details:

Authors: Paul Ruditis and Sandford Galden-Stone

Pages: 336 pages

Format: Hardcover or Kindle

Publisher: DK

ISBN-10: 146545098X
ISBN-13: 978-1465450982

To purchase The Star Trek Book, click this link: The Star Trek Book.

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