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Fuller: More Star Trek Discovery Details

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In an interview with KERN-FM radio’s Nerd World Report With Hop & Herc, Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller provided more information on the forthcoming series.

The details included the universe (Prime vs. Kelvin), setting of the show, aliens, music, Number One, and when to expect more news, such as casting news.

Discovery is set in the Prime universe instead of the Kelvin universe. “Really, when we developed this story, it could take place in either Prime or the Kelvin [timeline] – the timeline was relatively inconsequential, but there was the cleanliness of keeping our series independent of the films,” said Fuller. “That way, we don’t have to track anything they’re doing. they don’t have to track anything we’re doing – and you can have two distinct universes.”

The series will be set ten years before the original series. “[This time setting] came pretty organically, because we are going to try to achieve a new look for Star Trek that is very much Star Trek, but also our interpretation of Star Trek,” said Fuller. “I love each of the shows I work on to have a distinct aesthetic…so it seemed like a good place to start our signature look for the Star Trek universe and work our way forward as we tell the stories.”

We “will be very serialized,” said Fuller. “But time is something that we have the opportunity to play with in uncharacteristic ways.”

Expect changes when it comes to familiar aliens. “One of the very cool things that we get to do on this show is – we get to re-imagine all of the alien species that we’ve seen before in the series, and do something a little unique with that,” said Fuller. “We were looking at a specific species’ costume on Friday, and Jesse Alexander, who is one of the writers, was commenting on the cosplay aspects of it, and how [the design] has gone a kind of quantum leap forward – and what were the people who do cosplay going to do?”

When it comes to music, will some of the music from the original series be used in Discovery? “We’ve talked about the musical approach to this show, because music is so important to Star Trek, and it’s the voice in many ways. We all remember the Spock vs. Kirk fight [Amok Time] and the score for that – it would be great to pay homage to some of those things.

“I don’t think we’d use [the same tracks] specifically, but it’s certainly something that we’ve had discussions about and I don’t yet know if we’re going to commit to that. [The title theme song] is still in discussion.”

A familiar name will be heard in Star Trek: Discovery. “Our character, when we introduce the protagonist, she is called ‘Number One’ in honor of Majel Barrett‘s character in the original pilot.” Number One is the female lead and a first officer.

When can fans expect more news about the show, which will have thirteen episodes in its first season? “We’ll probably have some [casting] announcements in October,” said Fuller. “As of right now, we’ve met with fantastic actors, and of course there’s people that I’ve worked with before that I would love to have on Star Trek, and we’re trying to figure out everybody’s schedules – but we’re very early on in the process.”

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