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Star Trek: Discovery Cameos?

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Several actors have made comments about potential cameos in the newest Star Trek television series, which debuts in January.

TV Guide asked William Shatner if he would be open to appearing in the new show. “Leonard [Nimoy], my friend, did a cameo [in the new Star Trek movies],” he said. “I said to him, ‘You know you’re old when you go back in time and you’re still old.’

“It was a cameo, and I thought, ‘That’s a waste of time. He’s so talented. Why didn’t they do something more with him?’ So that’s the way I feel about that.”

Shatner would only do a cameo, “if I were useful.”

The Next Generation‘s Brent Spiner admitted to discussing the new show with Bryan Fuller recently. “We talked about Discovery and what his plans are for it,” said Spiner. “But I don’t know that it’s for me to divulge anything that he wants to do.

“I’m not sure if I’d want to be a part of it, having done, at this point, one-hundred-and-eighty-some hours of Star Trek. But I’d certainly like to work with Bryan Fuller.”

Spiner is “optimistic about what Bryan’s going to do with [the series]. Bryan comes at it from a completely different point of view than a lot of people who have created Star Trek in the past, all of them being, by the way, very bright and creative people. Bryan comes from a much more emotional place, from the heart, really. And, at this point that’s a nice, refreshing way to go with it.”

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