June 15 2024


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Moonves On Discovery Delay

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In a media conference yesterday, CBS President Les Moonves spoke about why Star Trek: Discovery was delayed.

“We’ve delayed our Star Trek [launch] ’til May,” he said. “For those who think that’s something to be worried about, let me assure you: it’s not.

“The producers came into my office last week and begged me – they said, ‘We are creating an entire universe; you know how fanatical Star Trek fans are. We’re creating this universe, we need a couple more months to get the effects right, to get the world right. Please let us have until May.’

“With Star Trek, which is the family jewels, I’d rather it be a few months late, and great, than early, and not great. Because we will suffer for it.

“So we made the decision to give them the time to make their perfect Star Trek, which we are wildly anticipating. In addition, we have the Good Wife spin-off, which was going to be ready earlier, so basically we just flipped their position [on] our calendar.”

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