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Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years Review

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This summer, the Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years art exhibit, commissioned by CBS Consumer Products, was unveiled during the San Diego Comic-Con.

Those fortunate enough to attend this art exhibit were able to see the work of fifty different artists, expressing their love in Star Trek in painting, illustrations, sculptures, graphics and photographs. Included among the artists was Leonard Nimoy, noted for his photography.

For those unable to attend the exhibition, a new coffee table book by Titan Books will permit them to see the art, as well as to learn a little about the artists behind the work. It is titled Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years.


The Format:

Most artists have two pages; one showcasing their art, and one featuring an interview. There are short artist bios. The interviews ask questions such as how the artists chose what they eventually created, how long it took to create the art, what their favorite Trek series and/or Trek character was, and what other art they create.

There are often rough sketches of the artwork, and readers can see how the art began as well as the final result.

The hardbound book, which measures 10.6″ x 0.6″ x 14.7″ is one-hundred-and-twelve pages in length and features a foreword by Nicholas Meyer.

The Review:

This is a lavishly illustrated book and it’s the next best thing to going to the exhibit. It was very interesting to get a glimpse into the working life of an artist, and it was equally interesting to find out why they chose what they chose for the exhibition.

In addition, asking the artists about their favorite Star Trek series/characters connected the artists to the Trek fan reader. Was the artist a fan of the original series or of The Next Generation? Did the artist like Kirk, Picard, Spock, Data or Mulgrew best?

There is a handy guide in the back of the book featuring thumbnails of each piece of artwork, which is handy when one wants to locate a certain piece of art.

It’s difficult to pick out a favorite piece, but several do stand out. Dusty Abell‘s poster of characters from all seventy-nine of the originals series episodes stands out, as does Mick Cassidy‘s sixteen-panel comic-style images. Steampunkers will enjoy Sue Beatrice‘s On the Edge of Forever pocket watch sculpture and several scenes from Arena will delight fans of that iconic episode.

The Verdict:

If you love Star Trek and art, you’ll want Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years. To order the book which sells on Amazon for $37.15, head to the link located here.

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