July 14 2024


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Starships Collection Ships Announced

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At last weekend’s Star Trek Mission: New York, EaglemossBen Robinson announced forthcoming ships.

The series of ship models, which once was slated to run for seventy issues, has been extended to one-hundred-and-thirty issues, not including specials and additional issues.

Fans of the USS Titan will be glad to hear that it will be returning in 2017. The USS Aventine will also make its debut in 2017.

Before that, the Jellyfish from Star Trek (2009) is due out later this year.

Special issues will include the USS Franklin, a Swarm ship from Star Trek: Beyond, a Kelvin Timeline Klingon battlecruiser, and Deep Space Station K-7 (The Trouble with Tribbles) that may feature an article by the writer of the episode, David Gerrold.

Also look for the SS Yorktown, a USS Enterprise design which was “created for the unmade film Planet of the Titans, the USS Saratoga, a Medusan ship (Is There in Truth No Beauty?), a Suliban cell ship, the ECS Horizon, the USS Kyushu, an Enterprise-era shuttlepod, the Next Generation type 15 shuttlepod, an early Next Generation shuttle, an executive shuttle from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, a ringship Enterprise and more!

Jellyfish photo courtesy of TrekCore.

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