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Anovos Star Trek Fashion Dresses

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Anovos and Gold Bubble Clothing will offer four Star Trek Fashion Dresses next year.

The dresses include the Star Trek: NCC-1701 Fashion Dress, the Star Trek: Beyond Fashion Dress, The Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever Fashion Dress, and the Star Trek: Nebula Fashion Dress.

Designer Jinyo spoke about the dresses and why a Trek-themed fashion was chosen. “While we may all wish we could live in the 23rd or 24th century, very few of us feels comfortable wearing an actual Starfleet uniform in our day-to-day lives,” he said. “Inspired-by” clothing allows us to express our love of [Gene] Roddenberry‘s ideals and vision, while still looking fashionable and attractive. Some designs are obvious, and scream Star Trek, while other designs are subtle, and apparent only to other Star Trek fans.”

The dresses come in sizes XS through 2XL and will cost $90.00 each. Anovos is taking pre-orders for the dresses, which will be shipped in late 2017.

To pre-order the dresses, go here for the NCC-1701 dress, here for the Star Trek: Beyond dress, here for the City on the Edge of Forever dress, and here for the Nebula Fashion dress.

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