June 14 2024


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Quinto: The Dispatcher’s A Great Story

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Star Trek Beyond‘s Zachary Quinto is the narrator of author John Scalzi‘s The Dispatcher novella, which released yesterday.

The Dispatcher is “set in a contemporary world just like ours, except for one pretty major twist — people who get murdered have been coming back to life. If you die of natural causes or commit suicide, you stay dead, but murder, much to everyone’s surprise, has become nearly impossible to commit. Tony Valdez is a Dispatcher, someone sent to ‘release’ people if, say, they’re in the midst of an operation and are about to die, before they actually go. But when a fellow Dispatcher goes missing, it’s up to Valdez to track him down”

Quinto spoke about what he liked about the story. “I like that the foundation of the story of the dispatcher is really about connection and relationships and humanity, even though it takes place in this extraordinary world,” said Quinto. “It felt really vivid. I would say that there was a really evocative sense of – other world, and yet it was so firmly rooted in a world that was really relatable and easy to access and easy to understand.”

“I love the challenge,” he said of narrating the story, “…and using my voice in a way and cultivating my vocal ability and stretching myself and challenging myself in a way.

The Dispatcher can be downloaded for free through November 2nd. To download the story, head to the link located here.

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