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Takei On The Tomorrow Show

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Recently, George Takei was a guest on the Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro where he spoke about Star Trek, Sulu, LGBTQ issues and more.

It has been reported before that Takei didn’t like the idea of Sulu being gay because that had not been Gene Roddenberry‘s idea for the character. And once he saw what had been written for Sulu in Star Trek Beyond, Takei was less than impressed. “After all of that conversation and all that hu-ha,” said Takei, “all that ‘sound and fury’ as Shakespeare said, signifying nothing. I mean he was supposed to have been gone for years and he comes back and he sees a man with the little girl and he goes immediately for the little girl…but he didn’t even kiss the guy. The next shot you see them walking off and he’s got his hand around him, you’d do that with a buddy too…but after all that conversation and all that sound and fury, you know at least a kiss.”

Takei was asked if he had ever “hooked up” with any of the Star Trek extras back in the day. “No comment,” he said, to the delight of the audience, who broke out into laughter.

And why did Sulu wear red in the Mirror, Mirror episode? “He’s a very physical aggressive kind of guy who would be in Security,” said Takei.

Takei also had an opinion on what made Kirk Kirk. “I think, maybe it’s because I know too much about him [William Shatner] but I see nervousness about him, a little insecurity,” said Takei. “He uses it and he’s made that, you know, the thing about Kirk that is so compelling he’s always hungry, he’s always striking, he’s always a little nervous you know.”

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