May 29 2024


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Cho: United Incident Partly Trump’s Fault

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Star Trek Beyond‘s John Cho not only took a slam at United Airlines for its recent mishandling of a passenger on plane, but decided that President Trump should also share part of the blame for the incident.

Speaking via Twitter, Cho said, “It’s hard not to see a connection between the environment Trump has created and what happened on that @united flight.”

The flight in question was sold-out, not overbooked, but United needed four seats for its own personnel to travel. When they got no volunteers to take their rather paltry compensation, in an inexplicable move, they decided to allow everyone to board anyway, and then went on the airline to pull four people who had been chosen at random to deplane after they were seated. One of the four passengers refused to leave and United called authorities to remove him forcibly.

Twitter posters were merciless in response to Cho’s tweet. “Did you warm up before you made that stretch?” asked one man. “It all makes sense,” said another. “Harrison Ford once played POTUS and violently kicked someone off of a plane. Has to be it.” “The Democrats created the violent environment by attacking and beating Trump supporters,” said one woman. “Yes, before Trump, everyone was totally thrilled with the services airlines provided,” said a third man.

Although overbooking in this case was not the problem, politicians would be doing the traveling public a service if they banned the practice. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that though.

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