May 28 2024


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Stewart On President Trump And Brexit

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Sir Patrick Stewart, in London to promote the X-Men film released earlier this month, gave his opinion of President Trump, American politics, and Brexit.

“There are people right now in the United States who are, because of the election and first month of Trump in office, close to breakdowns,” he said. They are so frightened and alarmed at what is happening. My wife is a case in point. She couldn’t sleep after the election. She was so anxious and afraid of what this would mean to have a dangerous child in the Oval Office.”

“There is no complexity and there is no subtlety [in Trump,” said Stewart. “And that ain’t gonna change. Nobody can change him – until somebody knocks him on the head. Which is not what I am recommending!”

Stewart does not think that Trump will finish out his full term. “I used to say to my wife,” he said, “‘Look, he won’t make two years. Don’t worry about eight years in office – he’s not going to make two years’. I know enough about people in the Republican Party who will eventually come together to say, ‘Enough.'”

Not that Stewart is a Pence fan either. “Mike Pence is at least a professional,” he said. “He’s a politician. I would rather have a politician with whom you can argue and reason than a dangerous child [who is] unpredictable, volatile, self-obsessed, delusional.”

Although he has lived in the United States for decades, Stewart still follows British politics and is very unhappy with the Brexit decision. “I am an Englishman who was once so proud to be a member of the European Union,” he said. “As an Englishman watching my government negotiate our departure from the European Union, I am embarrassed and ashamed.

“I am outraged at David Cameron who got us into this mess. It was completely unnecessary. He did it to pacify a handful of backbenchers. That’s the only reason that there was a referendum. It went wrong? Hello! How well did he understand the British people? Now we have a Prime Minister [Theresa May] who voted to stay but who is now leading the exit. I don’t quite follow that.”

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