July 16 2024


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Burton And Discovery Actors Weigh In On Trailer

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LeVar Burton, The Next Generation‘s Geordi LaForge, saw the new trailer for Star Trek: Discovery and the actor was impressed by what he saw.

“Looks beautiful,” he said. “And I love the fact that, again, true to the values of Star Trek, that, at least from what I’ve seen on the clip, that the command structure is women of color.”

Burton was referring to the casting of Sonequa Martin and Michelle Yeoh.

“At first glance, I’m encouraged,” he said. “It looks awesome.”

Supervising Producer Ted Sullivan responded to Burton’s comments, via Twitter. “Thanks @levarburton,” he said. “We’re excited by our cool characters & actors like Michelle & @SonequaMG too!”

Sullivan is an active presence on Twitter, where he often posts picture of a little Gorn figure he has named jasongorn, as well as throwback pictures from other Star Trek series and movies. Recently he posted a picture of the little figure seated on an airplane en route to Canada, where Discovery is being filmed. “#jasongorn contemplating the final frontier,” said the tweet, accompanied by a picture of the little green guy.

The recent throwback photo featured a scene from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. It’s not one that this writer has seen before, so be sure to follow Sullivan on Twitter for more cool pictures and of course, Star Trek: Discovery updates!

Anthony Rapp (Lt. Stamets) is also active on Twitter, and this weekend he posted a photo of some of the Discovery actors out having dinner. “Saturday night outing with this fantastic gang,” he said. Included in the photo are Mary Chieffo (Klingon warrior L’Rell), Jason Isaacs (Captain Lorca), and Shazar Latif (Lt. Tyler).

Speaking of Isaacs, the actor explained why he wasn’t seen in the Discovery trailer. “For those curious why I wasn’t in the trailer…it’s because I wasn’t in the trailer,” he said, adding that “#AllGoodThingsToThoseWhoWaitClarice.”

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